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Daily seals are a penalty, not reward

At first, I assumed that the daily seals were something given as a bonus. It wasn’t a great number of seals; definitely worse than the daily gold reward but I figured it was probably nerfed to a couple seals a day to balance the new calendar rewards. Or at least, I thought that was the case. Until I went to claim my seals and happened to notice my seals count was 16/1500 for the start of this week.

Which means, all this time the daily seals have been a penalty, not a reward. Since the earned seals subtract from the maximum number of seals you can make in a week, the later in the week you finish collecting 1500 seals the fewer bonus seals you earn for the week.

In order for the “daily reward” of seals to actually be a reward, you either need to never reach 1500 seals by the end of the week, which means you don’t care about earning seals in the first place, or you need to max out your seals on Monday, by winning roughly 140 PVP matches in one day. (4 points for PVP, 5 points for battle won, 15 points per tier increase, and 10+daily reward for logging in).

If neither of these apply to you, then what we have is instead a daily PENALTY to the number of weekly seals you can earn. Each day you don’t hit and redeem 1500 seals means you effectively “miss” the daily seal reward for that day. In order to actually act as a bonus, I believe these seals should not count towards the weekly seal cap.


Ummm, no that makes no sense. You can still get 1500, whether you earn all or part of them. You’ve lost nothing. And maybe gained a few seals if you hadn’t played enough for the 1500…

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I thought I had checked this before that they didn’t count toward the 1500 but guess I hadn’t. Just checked and indeed my 18 is there counting against my 1500. Good to know!

The way to make this work is to not collect the mail that they arrive in until after you hit your 1500, the same as with daily GW bonuses. If you wait until after you hit 1500 and collect them it won’t look like you get them but you do (the 1500 won’t change to 1516, but if you look at your cumulative total & guild weekly total you’ll see they add to both).

This same thing works for GW rewards. I often save my last 2-3 GW daily rewards for the following week and collect them after I hit 1500 but before they expire unless.

It’s a great way for a guild on the edge of hitting 40k to do so. We employed this to great effectiveness until now our guild easily hits 40k no problem so it’s not as necessary. (If this doesn’t make sense I’d be happy to try to explain it in a different way so it does and so your guild can maximize seals to get to 40k).


Right you can exploit the maths to get more than 1500…

But in no way is the free stuff a penalty…!


Correct. I wouldn’t call it a penalty either. It’s just not maximizing and if you don’t know that then it’s a missed opportunity, not a penalty.

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You can earn more than 1500 seals a week, but only 1500 from tasks. For example, if you are at 1500, and earn 15 seals, you get 1515 seals. This means that if you finish your tasks on Monday, you can get 90 seals with the hypothetical 15 seals. If you finish your tasks on wednesday, you get 60 seals. If you finish on sunday you get 0 seals.

It is a penalty, because every day that you don’t finish the tasks, you miss the bonus seals for that day.

Maybe this is a language thing. The free seals are not a penalty. You don’t end the week with fewer seals than you would if there were no free ones

You are not considering the full context. The “new” seals reward are not an additional free thing. They replaced the old daily gold reward. So, the daily reward which always had the same value with no connection to weekly tasks were replaced by a daily “reward” which the game takes away from you each day that you don’t have your weekly tasks finished yet.


I’m positive they didn’t count toward the weekly goal initially. I actually checked it a few times in the weeks following the feature being introduced. When noting that they didn’t, I considered making a bug report, but concluded this was intended to just be seals you can spend and must have been intentionally not included in the 1500, because they already have claimable, guild contributing daily login seals and it would have been silly not to roll them together, but I guess I was wrong. The change to make them part of them cut into what you can earn with your normal 1500 limit might actually have happened this week.

I could take or leave either implementation (I’d prefer they not contribute to my 1500 on most weeks so I could get my daily almost-a-gem-key without rushing 1500 seals on Monday and leaving a claim in the mail, and that they do when I’m feeling particularly lazy on seals week and low on orbs), but I’m not fond of stealth changes.


Yeah, I had thought I checked when the change first occurred and that they did not count towards the 1500 at first, but assumed that I must have misremembered. If this is a new stealth change, it is definitely one for the worse.

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Basically here’s what he means and I kind of agree. Part of it is due to very confusing design, there are many different ways you can express the seals you have.

For example, if I have 0 seals and I use an Orb of Clans, I get what, 300 seals? We’re calling it 300. Now I have 300/1500 seals on my collection screen, and the roster shows I’ve collected 300 seals, and my Guild Chest page shows 300 seals. What happens to my guild seals?

Well, if the guild had 0 seals, now they have 300. If the guild had 40,000, now they have 40,000. So in the context of my guild, my Orb of Clans gave 0 seals and I wasted it.

Now imagine I’ve collected my 1,500 seals for the week. The seals collection page says 1,500/1,500 and I can’t collect more seals. But I can use an Orb of Clans. The page will still say 1,500/1,500 but the roster page will show I collected 1,800 seals. And if my clan wasn’t already at 40k seals, it will get the 300 seals from the orb even though, from some angles, it looks like I didn’t get any seals.

It’s stupid.

“Reward” seals can be the same way. It’s been long-time advice that players should avoid collecting seals from winning GW until they’ve collected all of them. Same deal here.

When I log on, I get 19 seals. If I was at 1,500, now I’m at 1,519. If I was at 0, now I’m at 19. From that perspective, a player that for some reason only does their seals on Sunday loses 133 seals/week for this decision. Unlike the GW bonus seals, you can’t avoid collecting these. So it’s a minuscule tax on players who don’t get 1,500 seals on Monday, courtesy of the daily login rewards the entire community banded together and demanded.

But you can. These arrive in the mail just like GW rewards and can be held for up to 7 days until after you hit 1500, be it on Monday or on Sunday. And perhaps it’s different this week (Haven’t gotten to 1500 yet myself to see) but like GW rewards and unlike orb & purchased seals they don’t visually show in your personal weekly total once you hit 1500.

I could be wrong but I thought the daily mail expires in 24 hrs, not 7 days, unlike the GW rewards.


Hmmm…that actually may be true. I know some rewards expire in 24 hours. Wow. Over 2 years of logging in daily and be damned if I can picture which ones do & don’t…


Luckily I have a screenshot of the daily reward to prove what @Griswald is saying.

I had never noticed that it expired after 24 hrs. either.

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Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a place GoW documented all its behaviors, so we didn’t have to bicker back and forth until someone accidentally happens to have a screenshot or ultimately get a dev to come comment on how it’s supposed to work?

To add to the confusion, if you look at your collected mail, that same mail does NOT show the seals that you got, only the glory.

I did notice that. I have no idea why it doesn’t show the seals in collected mail.

He’s meaning everyone of us are losing the chance to earn the full 1500 seals yeah sure 112 seals a week isn’t that much of a loss to you but those 5 chests could’ve meant something (we all know RNG can be nice and cannot be nice at times)

I reckon the answer’s probably %1.