Extra daily GW seals when using "Claim All"

When in the mail window, clicking Claim All to claim a single day’s (50) Guild War seals gives 100 seals. This happens even if I open that message and then close the message window by clicking X, and then clicking Claim All. By claiming the seals in the mail itself, I get the proper number. I’ve tested this both ways through the week and it’s consistent.

Did you check that you actually got the extra seals?

I noticed it too, when doing Claim All it says I got 100 seals - but when looking how much seals were actually gained, I have only 50 more seals compared to what I had yesterday.


It’s been happening all week, will say 100 but it does only give you 50

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I think it means 50 seals for your personal amount for opening chests and 50 to count towards the guild progression to 40k for chests rarity.

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On Monday I got the 2x 50 Seals from the Daily GW Win. Then I checked Roster (which was otherwise empty due to the reset). I had indeed 115 Seals (2x50 + 15 for login).

I mentioned it in a support message (that was originally about another issue), but got no response on that side issue.

However, I got the double Seals without claiming all, just by opening that actual mail.

I have the exact same thing. The pop-up says 100 seals, but my seals total only increases by 50 seals. So it seems that this is just a display bug, I think…

My guess is it’s only display bug when you already have maxed the weekly seals, but maybe when not you gain more? I always wait with claiming those mails till I’m maxed and get only 50/mail even though it says I get twice as much.
But the thing is: does it count towards your weekly limit? It was stated at the beginning it shouldn’t, but experience shows that if you’re under the weekly limit it counts (so if you claim 50 Seals on Monday you can gain only 1450 otherwise), but if you claim them after claiming all 1500 you still get those 50 Seals. Maybe the devs did something so that those Seals doesn’t count against the limit, but it doesn’t work as intended. And getting 50 Seals above weekly limit is better than 100 that count towards it, at least for me.

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I agree it is better with 50 Seals at the end, than 100 in the start.

However, my Seal situation is like this:

  1. I’ve collected 6 daily wins this week (winning Sun-Sat)
  2. Each time I’ve opened the reward-mail, and 50 Seals pop out two times.
  3. Only on Monday I checked properly, and saw that I had actually gotten 100 Seals in the Roster.
  4. I finished my 1500 Seals on Thursday.
    5. Now I have 1800 Seals in my Seal-account (and it was on zero at start of week).

The last point indicates that I’ve actually gotten extra 100 Seals into my account too (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

I just confirmed – I had 34 seals, clicked Claim All, it told me I received 100 seals, now I have 134. Not just a display bug. :smiley:

I won’t speak for this case, probably 2 bugs occurring.

But this is also true that it often happen to me than the number shown is 100 instead of 50 (or 200 instead of 100, etc.), but the amount added is correct.

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