Seals from daily win rewards not counting

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Seals a guild obtains for winning a daily war aren’t increasing members cap to 1550 (and beyond) and aren’t counting towards 40.000 seals. We were told it will going to count.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Check seals totals.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
No need.


Pinging @Sirrian @Nimhain and @Saltypatra for fast fix of this problem.

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Yeah, we’re not seeing this in Hoguns either. My seals still show a max of 1,500 even though it should be showing 1,550 now, right?

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That’s what we were told and that’s what should happen.

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I claimed the seals from the rewards mail, and I can see them. They are NOT shown in the blue box “Guild Seals” area under the weekly stuff, that way they don’t affect the weekly 1500 you can claim. They are added directly to your total/overall stash in the top left corner.

So they aren’t contributing to the weekly guild seals total?

Here i found the talk about it. It is said it WILL count towards cap.

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Yeah it definitely doesn’t appear to be getting added to the “Guild Weekly Seals” at the very least (which it should be).

Bottom line they should increase the cap by 50 (to 1550 etc) each time you get them and count towards 40k seals - exactly like when one makes a purchase.
If they don’t work like that they really have no value. No one cares about 50% exp bonus and 50 seals that don’t count for 40k.


Weird. Hard to argue with a direct quote from Sirrian, but I would swear I saw him say at one point that they wouldn’t count – that they would work just like purchased seals.

So what happens if you hit 1500 seals on Monday? Do you not get the bonus seals from winning wars because you have already hit the cap?

When you purchase lets say 1000 seals. You get 1000 seals, your cap increases to 2500 and total guild collected seals get credited for those 1000 seals.
No reason for it to not be the case in here. Didn’t guild members collected those 50 seals? They did. Why aren’t those seals counted for weekly collected seals then?


You did, here’s the other quote from an earlier post.

Based on that initial description and how it’s actually working, the later quote in the wrap-up that @DonBoba quoted from must have been a mistake/typo.

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You found an even better one! Thanks for that.

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I’m getting a 100% exp bonus, lol. Wasn’t it 50%?

I can concur with what @beanie42 said, that quote would seem to be the way they are functioning.

But they aren’t functioning in that way, that’s the problem.

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So they are adding to our personal totals but NOT being added to the Guild total?

That’s how it appears at the moment. Though it’s adding to personal collected, not weekly total (if that makes sense)

You get then in your pocket but they don’t count as something you collected during the week.

Correct, because they don’t count against the total, meaning you can still earn a full 1500 in addition to what you earn via GW rewards.

BUT since they WERE added to personal totals, it is possible that they were added to GUILD SEALS without reflecting on our Seal Progress.

Does that make sense? When I opened my mail the Guild total may also have been increased by 50, but I just didn’t think to look at the totals before collecting… :frowning:

And since the application of those seals is contingent on each member opening the mail, its not like you can check the guild totals at reset and look for a 1500 increase in seals… :confounded:

Frustrating… :rage: