Where did those extra seals from?

I don’t understand. I never used even 1 seal. But I clearly remembered that the 2 amounts of seals are the same a few weeks ago.

HELP, please.

guild war daily win - if claimed after reaching 1500 weekly seals - you will get the 50 seals to your total personal seasls but not towards guild roster

also if it didnt get fixed i think uncollected weekly seals - during weekly turnover are sent to your email but not added towards guild roster


I had those 50 push me over the 1500/week. Now I have an extra 33 seals forever.

Aaaand my OCD is driving me mad.

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Just get 33 less next week! Treat it like a puzzle.

(j/k of course)

“It happened before. It will happen again. The question is… when…”

Thanks for reply. But may I ask that, will it be fixed in the future? Those number diffrences really make me mad… :frowning:

yeah i know,
it drives me mad too :sweat_smile:

but considering if the roster only shows the seals that actually did help towards the guild chest those two cases shouldnt really be counted towards it…