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Daily Deals Refresh

Since two weeks or so (it came with the last Dervish Class Event) I have one Daily Deal that does NOT refresh anymore. I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended:
So when going to “Offers/Daily Deals” the middle one (usually the Pet-Offer at times before the “bug”) is stuck at a “Class Favor” offer (100 Dervish XP for 125 Gems).

@Devs: Did you cut the pet offers? How can I refresh the “Class Favor” offer without buying it?

  1. Check Drifting Sands.
  2. Check what level on Dervish is holding you back from power level.
  3. Lvl up Dervish to that level. Offer will go away.

And pet offers are most likely gone because no pets are currently blocking possible kingdom star levels.

This would mean I have to level classes I don’t want to. But basically it’s their problem if they don’t want my Gems - not mine. I just thought it is a bug but didn’t want to use the word shouted out loud. Some begin to hyperventilate when reading it…

Working as intended. Eventually, all classes will need to reach level 100 to progress kingdom stars once all kingdoms become able to reach Power 20.

That’s what the Thursday Class events are intended to address. Although if you are looking for the Dervish class specifically, you have to wait for Drifting Sands to be the featured kingdom of the week.

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I don’t htink so. There would be around twenty of different pets I would need to level up Kingdoms and the offers were always changing every day but stuck on the Dervish Class thingy.
The second thing why I don’t believe in your theory is: After being stuck for two weeks or so (don’t judge me on a few days more or less) a day after my post things are switching again as I think it is intended, so… might be some Official here in the forums has been reading what I was writing.
Which also means: Things are right again. :upside_down_face:

The requirements for a pet offer to appear in a kingdom offer are well known in the community and have been verified multiple times by multiple different people.

For a pet offer to appear, all of the following conditions must be met simultaneously.

  • The kingdom’s direct next power level must require either obtaining or leveling up pets.
  • That requirement must NOT yet be completed (white, not green)
  • The pet to be offered must be eligible to be offered. Cosmetic pets and faction pets are not eligible to be offered in a daily deal. (Cosmetics can be offered via flash offers for real money)

If all three of these conditions are true, then the qualifying pet becomes eligible to appear in a kingdom offer. An eligible pet is not guaranteed to appear in a kingdom offer unless there are literally no other possible kingdom offers that can be presented to a player.

While the community knows the context behind what causes something to become eligible for a kingdom offer, the community does not know (to the best of my knowledge) how the offer is picked from the pool of eligible kingdom offers for that day. Although the offer is randomly generated, different players have different quantities of eligible offers that could be rolled each day.

It is plausible that the game is assigning priorities to each type of offer and makes rolls for each type of offer in order of priority until one “succeeds” and is offered as the kingdom offer of the day. Quite possibly, the champion class xp offer may be the highest priority offer (the first roll) that the game makes, which could explain why that type of offer appears most often.


I think most of my kindoms are stuck by pet leveling, so nearly every pet should be in the mix.
But thanx for clarification.

I have been receiving pet offers every day for a little over a week for the 2 pet-blocked kingdoms I have. Today, I just reached level Adana 15, which requires level 50 Mechanist, while I only have 43 right now. Even if I grind that today, I’ll require level 60 Mechanist, another pet to 20 and 2 more troops to mythic.

Long story short, if class XP is prioritized, I expect to see my constant pet offers be replaced by the Mechanist offer tomorrow until I grind it to level 60. Will report back.

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Same for me with Dervish. Leveling to 50 didn’t help because of 60 needed now.
And I’m tracking my kingdom progress and had a look: 16 Kingdoms stuck by pet leveling atm.

And tbh: 100 Dervish XP wouldn’t help me at all. This offer is stupid af.

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I currently have 11 kingdoms on 16: 9 need a 2nd pet to mythic, 5 require classes to Lvl 60, 3 require 2 troops to Lvl 20 and another 3 troops require 1 troop to Lvl 20. There is some overlap on reqs. I shall attempt to track the offers in the next week or two.

This was from a few days ago when I was mad about Yellow Deeds. Next day the offer appeared. I’m sure it was Random and not targeted trolling, but still…

And 120 gems for a troop I have 10 copies of doesn’t make sense (meaning I need 1 to mythic it). I buy the pet offers whenever they appear (Weenie Wyvern today); the other offers don’t get any gems from me.


I agree that these offers seem to be off. I used to receive about 2 pet offers a week, which I need. Lately all I get are offers for troops that I’ve already maxed out.

Reporting back:
As expected, today I got an order for Mechanist since Adana requires it pushed to 60. I also got Whitehelm to 15, which means that until I get Priest to 60, I’ll probably get offers for one of the other.

To reiterate, I was getting pet deals every day for at least a week due to 2 pet-locked kingdoms.

Word of caution: This is a single data point on my end. By that I mean that after more than a week of daily pet offers, as soon as I also became class-locked, my 2nd offer is for class XP. I will only be able to confirm that class XP deals are indeed overshadowing pet deals if I only receive class XP deals for however long it takes me to get to level 60 in both classes. Will probably get there by the end of the week, which will give 7 straight days of data. For this, I will only count daily deals, as noted in this thread’s title.


For what is worth, and I also haven’t collected data to back my claims, but this is my experience:

  • I had most of my kingdom progress stuck because of pets, and I as happily getting lots of pet offers.
  • Then the Nefertani’s campaign came to an end; thanks to it I leveled up a Khetar pet to 20 and was able to progress in that kingdom; this also introduced the new requirement of reaching levels 50 first, and then 60 with the Necromancer class.
  • At this point, I started receiving a lot of Necromancer XP offers; pets became really, really rare.
  • Once I finally leveled up my class to 60, I finally stopped receiving XP offers, and pets frequency got back to normal.

So yes, in my experience class XP completely overshadows pet offers.


Similiar experience here, with Shaman class after Labirynth faction was added. Had to lvl it from ~50-60 up to 100 to stop getting shaman exp offers and start getting pet offers again…

All in all, this might be “working as intended” even though it doesn’t seem like something many of us want. Yet, something to consider:

For classes:

  • Each class XP offers 100 XP for 125 gems (unless there’s a higher XP offer that hasn’t been mentioned here yet).
  • You need a total of 5050 class XP
  • That would require 5050 / 100 = 50.5 or 51 purchases
  • 51 * 125 gems = 6375 total gems to only level that class through offers
  • This would accomplish up to PL 20 regarding the class level requirements.

For pets:

  • Each pet offer provides 1 pet for 50 or 3 pets for 150 gems.
  • 31 total pets required.
  • Since the costs per pet is the same, 31 * 50 = 1550 gems to get enough pets
  • By PL 20 (above requirement), you need 2 pets at mythic and a third pet, or 31*2 + 1 pets, or 63 * 50 = 3150 gems

Seeing as class XP is much more easily obtained, it makes sense that it’s more expensive due to “speed” tax. In other words, you’re paying to reduce your grind by 50-100 battles pet deal. Meanwhile, it is impossible (as far as I know) to trigger a pet rescue for a specific pet.

Conspiracy time: it’s entirely possibly that pet rescues are hidden behind this grindable obstacle specifically because they want you to either be frustrated enough that you keep purchasing the deal to reduce the grind OR that you spend enough time in the game to actually grind that class. Both are beneficial to GoW. So while we might prefer lower priority for class XP, it is unlikely that it’ll be changed due to above reason.

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I got a Stormheim Troop offer today in middle slot. Storm Knight, Ultra-Rare, 5 copies for 100 gems. I have one, so I’d need 8 offers at 800 gems to mythic it, and still need either 18 Giantini or 14 Pinguin to get Stormheim to 17. (I also missed out on Flame Maiden, I’d need 89 of her to get to mythic.)

I did notice Moira is in Soul Forge this week on Xbox…I need 6 of her to get Dhrak-Zum to 11. Most of my offers seem to revolve around the kingdoms blocked to 17 tho. Are Boss Killer troops eligible for Gem purchase? I’ve seen Bonebound Dredge pop up now and again.

I’d rather never buy any offer again then grinding Dervish to 100 (other classes to follow from what I read in this thread). There’s a reason why I 100 some classes and not so for others.

That’s not much of conspiracy, it’s how the Devs design the game for - let’s say - about a year or so: Baiting new players with blinky blinky and frustrate endgamers in making the game grindier and grindier.
So here’s my third possibility for the conspiracy theory:
They want endgamers leave the game sooner or later. They don’t earn much money from endgamers (they already paid some of the Devs bills) and at the same time block hardware-ressources (server side). It’s business.

But as I said in the opening post:
If they don’t want my Gems, they don’t get it. Easy as that. One more Tab in the game I don’t have to pay attention to. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For me it doesn’t matter a lot. I’m planning on doing all classes up to 100. So such offer-blocker is just switching the order in which I do them…

Update v2.
Yesterday I managed to push Mechanist and Priest to 50, meaning I got to PL16 which then requires classes at 60 (along with a 2nd mythic pet and troops). I assumed I was going to keep seeing the class offers until I grinded them both to 60. So imagine my surprise when I wake up to this:

Even with 2 class-blocked kingdoms, I did get a pet offer for one of the 2 pet-blocked kingdoms that I had been working on before becoming class-blocked.