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Man, the devs sure want me to buy that Manticore Cub

This is like the 10th time in 7 days this offer has been rotated into my daily deals. Yes, I know it’s impossible to have the deal rotate in 10 times in 7 days. I was trying to be funny and yes, I know I suck at it. Leave me alone.

I don’t want anything. I just don’t want to buy 10 Manticore Cub cards for 50 gems.

Not picking on you, here. Just trying to explain the phenomenon you are experiencing.

From the patch notes about the Daily Deals…

  • Daily Deals will contain 3 different offers that players will receive:

  • Player Level Offers: These offers contain different items based on a player’s level. Players at various stages of the game tend to focus on getting different rewards, so these offers have been set up to help them.

  • Kingdom Offers: These offers are designed to assist players with working towards completing their Kingdom Power Tasks.

  • VIP Offers: These offers are available for players who are VIP 6 or higher. They may either offer rarer rewards (such as Orbs) or other things at a discount.

  • If a player doesn’t have any eligible Kingdom Power Tasks, the daily deals will select another Player Level Offer instead of a Kingdom Offer, so players will always have 3 offers.

The Manticore Cub shows up in the second slot, always, because the daily deals system is hard coded to go through a checklist of requirements to determine what gets offered in that slot (kingdoms stuck on pets, troops, champion levels etc.). If that list is short, it is quite possible that you are receiving that deal because there is nothing else for the system to offer you in that slot. NOTE: Per the last bullet point above, for the second slot to offer any other type of offer, there has to be literally nothing that the game can offer the player at that point in time that meets any of the Kingdom Power requirements.

Using an timely example from my account today, after adding the new faction’s troops to Dhrak-Zum, the kingdom power screen show the following:


Before today’s event, there were no kingdom offers I could be offered so my Daily Deals would roll a second player level offer in that slot. But, because there now is a eligible pet offer available, I’ll be receiving Rockweilers in the second slot every day until I finish leveling the pet because it is the only kingdom power offer the game can offer me (thus a 100% chance it gets rolled daily).

You’re likely in a similar situation with Manticore Cubs.


I appreciate your post and I’m sure there is some sort of science to explain it but it still sucks…

ps your explanation is much better than the one I pulled out of my butt.

It’s just another barely functional piece of 4.x content that never got tweaked after launch. Yeah its going to offer you pets to help “Dhrak-Zum towards power level 13” even though it’s literally impossible to get Dhrak-Zum to 13. Useless at best, deceptive at worst. I check it every day, twice it has offered me some writs, which are actually helpful to me. That’s it.

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