Bad luck or algorithm change ? No pets being offered in the daily deals?


I have almost all my kingdoms waiting for pets to level up. I used to be offered pets in the daily deals quite often. Since, I would say, two or three weeks, I stopped receiving such offers.

More, the game has been offering things like medals (not Nysha, unfortunately) or deeds of which I have more than 100.

Anybody seeing the same behaviour or being as unlucky as me ?


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What sort of pets are you blocked by? You have to make sure that there is a pet that can be gotten from a pet rescue for it to be offered.

You cannot be offered a cosmetic pet or a pet obtained from the linked underworld faction.
For example Leonis Empire has 5 pets available but you can only ever get Manticub offered in daily offers.

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It’s probably bad luck. I’m in a similar rut, needing a Zaejin pit for Kingdom Power levels at the moment but only having seen it in the Daily Deals twice in the past two weeks. Plus once more from an Arena offer.

(I also need a Mist of Scales pet, but the only non-cosmetic MoS pet I don’t have at Level 20 is the delve pet. And Dark Pits is mercilessly pummeling me three times per day.)

It does lead one to wish that they would change the algorithm and perhaps start selling cosmetic pets through the Daily Deals as well. It would make for a reasonable Gem sink and it would probably be a worthwhile offer even if they doubled (or tripled) the price from non-cosmetic pets.

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@ [Magnusimus] I can confirm your finds. I have 30 Kingdoms waiting for pets, silverglade at max and the other waiting for traits on troops.

So, pets should be high on the offer list.

Another bug to add to the list…

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And just to add, before this update I would get a pet offer perhaps 2 out of 3 times.

And also to give some background: I usually play several times a day but for small amounts of time. So I miss almost all of the guild pets.

Not a bug, I think it is working as intended. The consequence of adding more medal, verse and deed offers to daily deals is that other useful offers (as well as useless ingot offers) come up less frequently