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[NOT A BUG] Fixed Pet Bug Created New Problem

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Daily Offers: No pet offers even though I am pet blocked with pets other than faction pets. Instead, I get offers for things that I don’t need.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

There was a pet bug in the daily offers that I reported and was fixed a couple of months ago. I have not gotten a pet offer since then.

Steps to make it happen again

Logging in daily.

To get pet offers. The pet your missing copies of need to be blocking current kingdom progression.
Such as from Power level 13 to 14.

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Yes. I agree with that. I was getting pet offers until a bug was fixed regarding pet offers. Now I am not getting any more of them and I haven’t since the bug fix. I put all of the pertinant information regarding it in the post.

Can you give an example of which pet you are expecting to see in offers? And a screenshot for the kingdom that’s blocked on pets?


I have got pet offers this week, so I think it works. I have at least 5 kingdoms blocked on pets.


Uncalico is a cosmetic pet. Unfortunately, they don’t offer those in daily offers.


I am aware that one that I need is a cosmetic pet. But here is Maugrim Woods, where I have two non-cosmetic pets to be leveled.

…but does Maugrim Woods have the same requirement screen?

Being pet-blocked in Leonis Empire won’t trigger pet offers for Maugrim Woods.

(Also it seems like pets might not be weighted as heavily as some other tasks, so if you’re, say, class-blocked anywhere, you’ll likely be offered XP more often than you’ll be offered pets, just like those of us who aren’t pet-or-class-blocked get offered crafting materials and delve treasures way more often than deeds or warcoins)

no, I am not pet blocked in Maugrim Woods. :frowning: One more troop is needed for that to come up. I am class blocked in several kingdoms, but those don’t come up a lot either. I mainly get crafting stuff as I posted in the screenshot. It is irritating. I had thought that I was more blocked than I am. I guess I should have done more research before I posted. I was just so irritated by another useless offer.


It happens, no worries, and know you’re not alone — I suspect this is only going to get worse as a problem as more and more people get caught in the pet/class xp “traps” that were set for them, triggered only when the troop release schedule made going from about Kingdom Power 16+ possible.

The more people that meet those troop benchmarks, the more people that are going to realize limiting reagents are pets and class XP, generally, more than any other factor (weapons, maybe? For any new-ish players?)

The next “trap” to look out for is Elite Levels, to hopefully save you frustration in the future — try to always have a half-dozen or so “extra” Gaards, Yasmines, and/or Orpheus medals on-hand so that when you get a kingdom to Kingdom Power 20+ you can quickly make 5 bronze elite troops (and thus avoid more useless offers).

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I have reached that point in a couple of kingdoms already. Then I get all of those “troop” offerings to get troops that I already have at mythic.

Oh, shoot :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, definitely annoying.

Sorry about that.

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Unfortunately this is not a bug, and is the roll on daily offers. However, I see the sentiment and feedback here, and have passed it on.