[Not a bug] Daily Deal Offers Pets I Don't Need More Copies of

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam/Windows 10 x64, iPad 6

Screenshot or image:
You can see that I have 1 copy of Mini Maw, that it is fully Ascended, that it is upgradeable (to level 20), but that it is still level 15:

Confirmation that I could feed my Mini Maw to level 20:

Here are my Daily Deals. The second one offers me a copy of Mini Maw for 50 Gems:

Detail of the second Daily Deal, offering 1 copy of Mini Maw and 10 White Pet Food:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected the Daily Deals to offer me only Pets that I needed copies of. Instead, on many occasions, I’ve been offered Pets that I have sufficient copies of to max, only I haven’t yet ascended and leveled them to level 20.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This has been happening every 2-3 days since the Daily Deals costing Gems were introduced.

Initially, I thought it might be because I hadn’t ascended some of my pets, so I ascended all my pets as far as they could go. It continued to happen. I did get (and did purchase) some offers for pets that I did need more copies of. But it would be fair to say that the proportions of which pets I’m offered matches the number of pets I don’t have at level 20 but that getting to level 20 would nett me a kingdom star (I think it’s 1:2).

Why should this be fixed?
In my individual case, I haven’t leveled these pets because I’m collecting data on kindgom bonuses at different pet multipliers.

However, it is entirely conceivable (especially for a player earlier in the game) to have enough copies of a pet but not enough pet food to get it to level 20. It’s also quite conceivable to not notice that you have enough copies to max a pet.

It seems unfair to indirectly penalise a player in that position. Even worse if they assume the do need more copies, and spend Gems on the offer!!!


You need to mythic the pet.

Working as intended.

Devs don’t have time to fix real bugs, let alone these hypothetical ones you imagined. Solution is… Look before you Buy.


Then that intended is lacking

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If the devs are choosing to add new features that we don’t really need instead of fixing problems, I think they have their priorities wrong.

Regardless, they should know what’s happening in their game, so they can make the choice themselves.

There is nothing wrong with the way the are distributed. Just because the system doesn’t suit your play style, or you don’t understand how to use the distribution to your advantage is no reason to call bug and demand change.

I feel you haven’t understood what I wrote, nor the tone. For example, I’m not demanding anything. And there is a problem, even though you may not see it as such.

Starlite out.

Me and @Lyrian were discussing this in a different thread, and have both concluded it is working as intended.

The way the entire system works, is it checks if you have something you can finish to get next kingdom level, like class XP, or Pets, and then because its not checked as finished, it will offer you a deal to finish that particular task faster.

Because you are able to finish it and havent, is the same as not being able to finish it to the code. It could also give you a deal with other pets in that same kingdom that are not yet Mythic as well and are not cosmetic based.

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Selling you stuff you don’t need for a bad price is on-brand and by design.

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Useless deal mean a missed opportunity for the players to spend gems, the premium currency that they may spend real money on. So it indirectly lower the income of the game. By giving the players the deal for things they need, would that be a way to increase the game real money income?

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I have 0 idea what you said tbh.

But there is no real simple way to check every single thing without making the code super bloated and clunky with more chance at bugs and errors.

The code for this is simple:

Check if Kingdom can be upgraded, if yes, offer X task that is related to Y kingdom.

The pet deals are bought using gems
Gems can be bought using real money, USD, EUR, GBP
By offering useless deal, it in a way lower the amount of gems the player need, and that lower the amount of gems bought.
And that make less real money that a useful deal

It makes less from some people, but to a lot of people, it is a useful offer and they will buy them though.

If they arent being bought a lot, devs will eventually adjust the price point of those deals to a lower amount, or add a little bit more to the deal to sweeten it.

Starlites case here, is a niche case, as most people will upgrade pets to max level if and when they can, that doesnt mean there is a right or wrong way to do it though either.

It can also be argued that by not making every deal useful, people get impatient or overjoyed when a needed or even reasonable deal comes up that they jump on it more readily rather than waffling over if it’s too expensive, because who knows when the next useful deal will come along.

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I play on PC. I find it a bit too much in getting so many pets be added, bearing in mind that to gain the actual pet itself is a task and on the other hand to upgrade it.
It’s almost as challenging as getting a Mythic, in addition on many recent occasions while trying to complete the pet rescue if the said period of time runs out, the game always restarts which should not be happening.

it’s harder to get a pet to a mythic than to get a mythic troops

both can be done by sinking lot of gems either in event shop while pet event is up or into gem chests (if were’re talking about getting any pet or any mythic)
but as for grinding it -> it’s takes a lot more time to grind those extra copies of a pet you want than grind 4k diamonds and wait for a mythic to show up in soulforge

but, apart from that -> shop offers seem to work as intended,
only players blocked by troops avaible in the game might get crapy offers all the time…

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Just confirming, this isn’t a bug. The game only looks at whether or not you have a Kingdom you need to increase the power level on, then if you do it provides offers based on that, it does not check your inventory to see if you can, it checks to see if you have not increased the power level.

If you have no more Kingdoms to power level up, you’ll start being offered more of the regular daily deals in place of the Kingdom daily deals.

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Kinda makes sense. In the same way that guild chests stop giving guardian troops when you’ve got enough of them. Not having the food to upgrade pets surprises me tbh. It’s just not something I’ve experienced, although admittedly I’ve got loads of pets still to ascend.

It’s a bit stupid to offer me to buy 3 copies of a pet I only miss one to ascend to mythic.
If it was a 1 pet offer, i would have bought it --> 50 gems in the ‘pockets of devs’.
A 3 pets offer, i dont need so much --> 0 gem in the ‘pockets of devs’.
You must check where your interest is, devs :wink:

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thats probably randomised -> one time you get one, other time you get 3
like Kafka said - script that generates offer does not check inventory

@Kafka, do you guys collect statistics about which offers are most bought?
Like: pet offers, class exp ones, troops, writs, etc.
If not, that might be a good thing to start collecting data -> to see which offers players are more interested and which they are not, and maybe eliminate some from the market (if nobody buys them) and introduce new ones (which players might buy)


@Sytro yep, the team does analyse that sort of thing and use that data in addition to the qualitative feedback we receive to decide when to make adjustments. The Daily Deals would still be classified as new but the stats are being monitored so if anything needs to be adjusted it can be at a later date.