Cybermobbing in Gow Chat

Cyberbullying is uncool
Nevertheless, I am bullied in Gow because I have changed many guilds and I was always dissatisfied, could the support not even think about using a bot in the Gow chat that would be worth considering? So that the people in the chat need a timeout and think about what it can trigger in a person, thanks for reading !!!


I am sorry to hear about your experience in GoW chat. You are not owned by any guild. As long as you are doing the requirements of the guild, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Honestly, you will learn a lot from different guilds and you will meet a lot of great people around. Sticking to one guild is like staying in one town and exploring in just 1 kingdom.

In saying that, I also respect those who stayed in the guild the whole time and happy where they are. If it is not you, don’t stay.

*I say the following with not knowing if you are a responsible hopper or not .
The only time I’ve seen globals dog a player for hopping guilds is if they hopped in 1 or 2 days , took tasks completed by guild , and then didn’t contribute anything in return repeatedly(say they did this in 3 or more guilds) . Like they didn’t donate gold, didn’t play to add to trophy counts, WE counts, left during gws (leaving during this with no notice can get in hot water) , or just were bad guildies themselves.
If you did any of the above I hope globals points you out everytime so another guild doesn’t waste a spot or resources from someone that steals from a guild .
Now if you didn’t do any of the above and just haven’t found your home yet or just want to hop around they should leave you be . Just remember to give notice even if you don’t like a guild . Try not to burn bridges, you may never know when you may need to cross over one again .
Again I don’t know you nor am I saying you did any of the above, just trying to give insight on why you may be dogged in globals . There is always a report button in game for all other things . There is also a block button to help you as well .


As per usual, my response is that global chat was, is, and always will be (etc etc) a total cesspool. In basically any game. Don’t like it, then don’t use it - working fine for me. Basically the one instance where the devs’ collective failings are not actually worse than normal, because almost any game will have this.


It is like barrens chat on WoW

sorry to hear you were bullied.
can you please provide screenshots / proof of the (severe!) “bullying”? not that I don’t believe something like that is possible. I just like proof, so there’s no doubt!
you can black out any names in screenshots to not call others out publicly. but I’d like to read what has been written to better judge about the situation and to not blindly follow accusations.


at least in the past there was dev-support reactions to certain stuff, like racist nicknames/guild names, violent threats in chat that handed out bans or at least forced namechanges. stuff like racism, violent threats, spamming etc. can’t be ignored… but pls provide some proof.
I’m sure if then still nothing gets done about certain persons and the community overall thinks this crossed a line there’ll be a following that also fights for your cause.


also important:
if you can’t handle public chats that are not moderated, then please stay away from it for your own good if you’re easily triggered about certain topics. this isn’t new or uncommon for public chats to be rude at times. also everyone perceives written stuff completely different and in weak, oh, I meant ‘woke’ 2021 :smiley: everyone seems to be triggered by “next to nothing” or think something is “justified”. if you can’t handle it, please stay out. you can also block individual players in chat, others may still read them, but you’re not triggered anymore. not ideal, but hey…


and a tip for finding another guild (that you haven’t burned yet):
use other options than the public ingame chat. you’re already aware of the gow forum, multiple discord servers (external chat tool) are up as well, maybe ask “friends” of yours, etc.


There are some unwritten rules / Guide lines regarding guilds before I go any further let me say I’m not accusing you of breaking any of the follow but rather mentioning a few just for some food for thoughts. Leaving a guild during guild wars, guild hoping in order to pirate resources without contributing gold to the respected guild, Spamming guild/global chat are all frowned upon.
GOW is a great game with a normally helpful community. Sadly there are those who can be more aggressive.


Es sollte sich mal ein Entwickler von GOW im Chat in GOW aufhalten dann werden die Leute mal sehen wie es im moment aussieht ich finde da fehlt die struktur im chat um die leute auch mal auszubremsen ist nur meine Meinung!

Nobody in this game is a bigger guild hopper than I am. The worse thing you can do to a guild is join on Monday, pick up rewards from guild tasks and bail without contributing anything. If you did something similar to that, then I have no sympathy for you. If you didn’t, then you shouldn’t be chastised for leaving.

There are GMs who seem to think they own you once you join their guild. Nothing could be further from the truth. But it might behoove you to think about how you’ve been joining/leaving guilds and whether your expectations for said guilds are justified.


Sollte hätte könnte würde müsste dürfte… Angeler Mergel:slight_smile:


Still no proof provided of anything offensive or what happened or what was written, I wonder, why is that? You’re allowed to your opinion(s), but, well, so is everyone else - at this point.

@SunriseLady i am sorry it happened to you, I hope you will have a fun time playing the game. why were you dissatisfied by the way? Maybe post what you expect from a guild and what your contribution to the guild will be and you can get a suitable guild here.

I agree that the devs need to have someone or several people to look after their community.


If the devs made the lowest guild member rank unable to collect anything from the guild until the member was promoted, I’d say hop to your delight. As it is, I see people that hop in and out without any communication or activity as leeches. I think the leeching would severely decrease if the hopper was unable to collect until promoted, which would never happen unless they did their fair share.


Sometimes you need to change guilds, especially if you can’t meet requirements or you are way beyond the average contribution and you want to move to an active guild. Heck, you might even make a friend in another guild and want to join. You owe nothing to any guild you are part of. I always laugh how some in guilds feel ownership of something like this.

That being said, guild hopping is a problem. There seems to be some that just love the excitement of a new guild. I honestly think that a couple of small changes could really help this.

1: Put a timer on how long before you can join a guild after you leave. It does not need to be a huge wait, just long enough to discourage rapid jumps.
2:Allow guilds to set their gold minimums and you can only receive guild rewards once you have reached that min. They already have a system like this in place when it comes to guild boss fights, where you have to do the entry fights before receive the guild rewards. If your guild sets a minimum of 500,000 gold a week, you will not receive any rewards until you hit that min. This will not ever happen because it would require some programing work, but it would be an amazing feature.


Some solid suggestions there though the timer could be a bit problematic for those honestly moving guilds. I was in a decent guild with good people but it was a bit to quiet and inactive for me if I could have found a bit more conversation about the game I would have gladly stayed. I am still on good terms with them I let them know I was leaving and why.

I joined the Varangian Guard after talking to the GM about what the guild is like and what I have to offer to make sure it was a good fit for both of us. Been there a couple months now and have been very happy. Sometimes all it takes is just talking to members or leaders of a guild first to see if it is a good fit. If you can meet the requirements and the guild seems to have good people and they get stuff done then that is what matters most I think. I also wanted to find a place where I wouldn’t be moved around so make sure you know what you will and won’t accept from a guild and find out what they need of you.

It can cut down a lot of guild hopping and help you find a much better fit. The forums and reddit have recruitment threads that tend to tell you a lot more about a guild than those in general chat do. Plus it shows the guild goes above and beyond to not just rely on in game resources so there will likely be a discord to join where you share helpful links and help keep things organized if those are important factors to you.

What I would prefer is some small tab ingame ala “show history” of the player account that just lists previous guilds and length of membership. And/or certain other data pieces. Such data is available already. Combine that with a playersided button in settings to allow this data to be presented publicly or to restrict access to that info if the player wants privacy. Whoever doesn’t want to share it for 1min with the new guild(admin) should have raise enough questions to continue the search. And everything else that may happened can be talked about and is undenyable history. If the new guild admin wants to give it a try, then the fault is on them if it goes wrong. Simple.


I avoid global chat. It’s mostly for kids or for folks with no discord I guess. We do not even use global chat to recruit much. If you are hopping guilds and they are saying you are then they are not lying about you. If you don’t want to be called a guild hopper then find a home and stay put. There are other ways to join guilds without using chat. I would use those. There are probably several guilds on these forums looking for players.

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I think, and i am sure most Guild Masters would agree, that the entire Guild system needs a complete over hall.

As for Global chat: Stay out, unless you are thick skinned. There are some very kind and helpful people in there though, but the bad stand out more often.


Hey, I’m sorry to hear you were bullied in the game chat :frowning:
If you encounter someone breaking our community guidelines in the chat, you can click on their name to report them. We do have our CX humans checking the reports as bots aren’t very clever when it comes to understanding what was said, so while action may not be instant, it will be followed up on.


How do I report 505 Games for bullying Infinity Plus 2?

Asking for a friend.