Playing Gems of War and/or Puzzle Quest 3 has brought us all together here we have a lot to discuss, be it the game itself or other things we are passionate about. But importantly, we’re also here to build a warm, inclusive and most importantly safe community!

What does that look like?

It looks like respecting others, treating them with kindness and patience, and also doing what one can to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Our mods/devs have the right (at their discretion) to remove, edit, move, and lock posts/threads and issue warnings for violations of the following Community Guidelines.

Where do these guidelines apply?

The Guidelines can extend to in-game activities such as Global and Guild Chat, also any other official Gems of War, Puzzle Quest 3 or Infinity Plus 2 platform.

Gems of War/Puzzle Quest 3 Community Guidelines


Certain conduct makes it extremely clear that someone does not belong in our community. Such conduct will result in a ban without warning.

This includes:

  • Hate speech.
  • Any discussion involving sexual exploitation or abuse of minors.
  • Sharing another person’s personal information.
  • Sexually explicit and/or descriptive discussion. This also includes dating or attempting to date.
  • Threats of physical or sexual violence or doxxing
  1. Being respectful

  2. Including but definitely not limited to hate speech, racism, bigotry, homophobia or transphobia, ableism, sexism, anti-semitism, making comments or insulting one another and any other form of bullying.

  3. Making threats, such as threatening forms of physical violence, submitting false player reports, doxxing or any sharing of personal information.

  4. Real-life religious, political, or other controversial discussions.

  5. Purposefully posting material that could cause harm to someone’s mental health. Such as discussing suicide, self harm, giving information on how to do either of these things or pushing someone to take these actions. Also discussing topics that could be triggers for others such as sharing experiences with assault, intentionally discussing someone’s phobia, describing actions of violence etc.

There is a zero tolerance policy for all hate speech. You will not receive a warning before a ban posting any form of slur or hate speech.

  1. Profanity

  2. Swearing

  3. Intentionally avoiding the in-game censor

  4. NSFW content includes, but not limited to dating chat, NSFW role play, sexual references or describing anything that is deemed 18+ content.

  5. Referencing drugs or drug use, or excessive use of alcohol.

We do have families who wish to enjoy or share our games with their children. Let’s keep it clean. If you aren’t sure, then do not post it.

  1. Trolling or Combative Behavior

  2. Intentionally derailing a thread or topic.

  3. Instigating arguments or antagonizing one another.

  4. Spamming, repetitively posting the same message, flooding chat or a thread with repeated posts.

  5. Raging or rant posting. If you have feedback to share, we would love to hear it! But we cannot take action without being given constructive feedback, so detailing the issue, sharing your experience and any suggestions you have that could improve what you had experienced.

  6. False reporting

  7. Reporting a player either on the forum or in the World Chat for cheating/spam/inappropriate chat etc

  8. Flagging a thread or post unnecessarily

  9. This includes flagging your own posts/threads to have them deleted.

  10. Intentionally marking feedback or off-topic threads as a bug report to “get the attention” of the development team.

  11. Privacy

  12. Posting screenshots or links to personal messages or direct messages. This also includes Support responses from tickets.

  13. Sharing your own personal information, the information of other players or developers. This includes but is not limited to, real names, personal emails, contact numbers, addresses, links to personal photographs and IP addresses.

  14. Selling accounts or Guilds/Kingdoms.

  15. Complaints

  16. Calling out another Guild/Kingdom or specific player, be it for cheating or breaking Community Guidelines.

If you are experiencing any issues with another player or Guild/Kingdom, please submit a ticket to our Support team who can take any action necessary.

  1. Interactions with Developers

  2. Impersonating a member of the development team.

  3. Repeatedly tagging members of the development team, or all members at once.

  4. Spreading false information, such as sharing out-of-context or edited quotes.

  5. Developer bashing includes but is not limited to making threats to assault staff or deface our studio, insults and swearing.

All guidelines applied to another player also apply to your interactions with the development team.
At the end of the day, we are people just making games that we love and we work hard to do so. We want to come to work also feeling safe and respected. We fully support sharing your passion and feedback for the games we create, but when done so in a constructive manner.
If you have an issue with a member of the team, you are welcome to submit a ticket to Support and a senior member of the team will review and investigate this further.

  1. Spoilers & Unreleased content

  2. Sharing spoilers is okay as long as people know that the spoilers are there. Where possible, spoiler tag the thread and the text itself.

  3. Submitting bug reports or complaints about information that has not been officially announced and has been found from data diving.

There is a lot of data and information to be found and we know you are excited for it to be released, but a lot of this content is still being tested, balanced or just placeholders! If you find anything and have any concerns, please contact Support.

The PG-13 Line

Sometimes there are things that are said that don’t clearly violate our pre-existing guidelines. However, there are instances where while something may not technically break a rule, it is still harmful, inappropriate or best not mentioned in polite company.

This is where the PG-13 line comes in. We want you to have fun and be able to express yourself, but if we feel that something significantly crosses this line, you may be banned. A good way to frame this is by thinking about the following:

Am I posting this for shock value? If so, probably best not to post it.

Am I trying to goad someone into an argument? If so, maybe not.

Would most people be comfortable with their children reading this? If not, don’t post the thing.

Forum Extras

Keep things on topic where possible and in the relevant threads. We don’t mind general chatter in relevant topics or in-game chat, but if you’re discussing something personal it might not be the best place for it.
Please make sure to keep feedback, bug reporting and Kingdom Recruitment in their relevant categories.

Hacking and Cheating

Hacking, cheating, emulators and using 3rd party modifying tools, macros and hotkeys are not permitted in our games. Doing so can result in your account being instantly banned.

Any accounts banned or reported to investigate for cheating will be reviewed by a member of our Support team. If you feel that you have been mistakenly banned, you can submit a Ban appeal via our Support page.

Please remember that any decisions made after contacting Support are final.

What are the consequences of breaking these Community Guidelines?

The severity of a player’s behaviour will determine the warning or how long they are banned for. Please be aware that if a member of the team finds that someone’s actions violate our Community Guidelines to an extreme, we can give that player a ban without providing them with a warning for their actions. The length of this ban will reflect their actions and is at our discretion.

In the end, if everyone is being respectful to one another these Community Guidelines will not change your interactions at all and won’t affect you. And most people in the community are already being great.
But these are in place to protect you and those around you in the Community so we can continue to have fun, be safe, and grow!

Below are links to where you can submit a ticket to our Support team about anything mentioned above: