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Community Guidelines

Don’t Be a Jerk

You’d think this was self-evident but you’d be surprised. Basically don’t be that guy/girl.

Example behaviour includes but is not exclusive to:

  • Hate Speech - Racist, Homophobic or Sexist slurs.
  • Commenting on people’s appearance.
  • Threats - Threatening another person with physical or sexual violence.
  • Swearing, NSFW content, Illegal activities – We do have families who wish to enjoy or share Gems of War with their children. Let’s keep it clean.
  • Trolling or Combative Behaviour – This also covers responding to such attacks in a similar manner.
  • Sharing the personal information of others.
  • Posting PMs – PMs are meant to stay private. This also include Support responses from the Support team.
  • Callouts.
  • Spamming.
  • Purposefully derailing threads.
  • Impersonating a Dev or Spreading False Information.
  • Unnecessary Flagging of Forum Posts or Threads.
  • Spoilers without warnings – Spoilers are okay as long a people know that the spoilers are there. (Remember not everyone wants to know.)
  • Upsetting and/or provoking other forum members.

Be patient with new players

We were all new once, and not everyone has the time to go through hundreds of threads to find an answer to a specific question. We want to provide a warm, welcoming community for the lovely noobs joining us.

Don’t Hijack Other Guilds’ Recruitment Threads

Any posts in a Guild Recruitment thread trying to advertise a different guild will be removed. Classy people have their own recruitment thread!
This also includes flagging a recruitment thread until it closes.

No Leaving the Game Threads

We feel that they do not further the conversation. Any leaving the game threads will be deleted from here on out. If you are leaving the game (which is fine!), please contact your friends and guildies privately with ways to interact with you outside of the game and/or forums.
We would also encourage you to contact us with the reasons you are leaving the game if you feel particularly strongly about it.

No Selling Accounts/Guilds

Like pretty much every online game, we don’t support the private sale of accounts or guilds between players. So, in the spirit of that, any advertising of accounts of guilds for sale will be removed.

What are the consequences of breaking a rule?

Global Chat

  • A first time offence will see 24 hour chat ban.
  • A second time offence will incur a 48 hour chat ban.
  • A third time offence will incur a week long chat ban.
  • If you commit a fourth offence you will be chat banned forever.
  • At any stage, if we feel the severity of the offence was extreme, or we believe there is little chance of the player changing their behavior, we will move the offence through the process up to and including an instant permanent ban.


If you are seen making a post that breaks one of these rules the post in question will be removed. If we feel that it is required, you will then be contacted by a member of our team to explain why this has happened.
If you persist in breaking the rules you will be banned.
Remember! It’s easy not to be banned - just be respectful in your dealings with others.