Global Chat and you!

Tips for an enjoyable experience in global chat:

  1. Be polite and courteous. This way everyone will like you!
  2. Engage with new players. This helps grow a more informed community of new people.
  3. Avoid calling people names. Even if the person is not being nice, if you smile and be nice, they may stop being mean.
  4. Make sure you are friendly with the devs. This is so that when someone has an issue with you, the devs will take your side.
  5. Pay attention to who is popular and always agree with them. This way you will never be singled out and called a troll for having an opinion.
  6. Have Fun!

Great tips except for 4 and 5 because if someone reports you they’ll still investigate and not always will you be called a troll for dissagreeing with popular people everyone has their opinions

Thank you for your input but if you don’t have any tips for a more enjoyable GC experience, you are off topic.

You know your what we call the troll of GOW Forums if someone points out a mistake you made you automatically go “oh your off topic now stop or I’ll report you” like seriously doc it’s called helping out a fellow player. Have a nice day I’ll just never talk on your posts again since helping is off topic

Well I don’t think there is any need for name calling or ad hominem. Have a special day.

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