Homophobic global chat

A predominant player on XBOX, was using homophobia in chat. I have reported them, but am worried that my report will go unnoticed as they are high level, and as such no one else will report them.

The chat left me feeling physically ill, and I had to turn off the console. I hope they are punished, or at least warned that that is unaccetpable language in this day and age. Very worrying indeed, that they aired that in a public channel :sob:(


Who? I play on xbox and am in global while I grind

You know as well as I do that if I name them, this gets potentially flagged and blocked/locked, what good then?? They carry on?? So sorry no can do :slight_smile:

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message me directly

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Dude! It would have been hilarious if you answered his question with ‘your mom’.

It’s Dudette!. No it wouldn’t have been even slightly funny. Why do you think it would be funny? In what context?

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I don’t know… I just think anytime you answer a ‘who’ type of question with ‘your mom’ is funny.

Are screenshots not allowed with the player’s name and what they said? It’d let the community know who to avoid. Though I do get that those could be faked.

Callouts are not allowed. Is one of the things specified in community guidelines.

And for some reason every time it happens the first staffer on the scene makes a huge deal out of the call-out before even touching on the ‘yeah they did bad’ bit.

Also. Global chat is a cesspool in every game. Don’t like it, don’t go there. Only advice I can give on the matter. I haven’t been in GoW’s global chat in … maybe not ever?

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Report him. Every time he does it. Encourage your friends and guild mates to report him as well.

I don’t know how things work on XBox as I play on mobile, but people who get reported on mobile definitely see some corrective action.


I avoid in game chat. I mostly use discord to chat with folks in my guild family. We do not normally have any issues with things like this. I usually go with the sticks and stones motto. It is best to just report the person and let the Devs handle issues like this. They will likely lose their honor at a minimum and probably be banned from chat. I would not say who it is here because that’s a callout and could get yourself in trouble.