An idea to deal with the trolls of GOW

Why don’t the devs make global chat be unlocked at like level 30 no troll would play the game for that long if all they want to do is troll global. The addition of the report button was a great idea to limit trolls but I feel this would just be an extra level of security.

I’m not sure this would actually prevent the people who want to troll—they probably know the game well enough by the time they make a troll account that getting to level 30 would take well under an hour.

And this sort of feature would also make it hard for legitimate newbies seeking help from global.


true I wasn’t saying it would completely stop it just limit it gradually

I think you should have to get a code from Discord to join global chat.

not everyone has discord and also that would mean they would have to partner with discord

That’s the joke. Discord is A) More stable B) has a moderation system that’d let them moderate more frequently and C) I think most people would just stay there if they spent about 15 seconds there.

Not everyone uses global chat. I can’t play the game and chat if I use global chat. I sort of play the game to play the game. I chat with cool people while I’m playing. More people should try it.