I Hate global Chat because of the bullies

Hello i go by Guild Master Angelus, after two days returning from stress related issues from to global chat i was banned again getting involved with bullies for three days. I like to say after three days i will no long chat in global and just simply announce my guild is recruiting. Others said i would never get members in my guild and a lot of other hurtful things like i was a child molester, ANY WAYS i done with talking in globel chat if anyone joins my guild then i talking in the guild chat there is nothing but bullies waiting to abuse me in global chat.

I’m so sorry to hear this, I talk in global chat and I think you may have entered in a bad time, I remember recently there was 2 or 3 days of chat that was awful, people I never really seen in chat before, I think one of them was purposely trolling people hugs

Several people in global chat start drama with anyone that doesn’t identify their gender. I figured out how they can manipulate information and did ask for that to be addressed.