Create a HOLY/angelic/good faction /race

since now you have made divine a mixed fraction of evil and good, i ask for one PURELY good fraction to balance all the evil fractions in the game, please


also honestly im upset coz now even Mercy looks more evil when she stands in one fraction with Kethras :cry:

made one! :sunglasses:


Would make stun mandatory, but other then that wouldnt be OP troop :grinning:

I believe the word you’re looking for is “faction”, not “fraction”.

Given that it’s a setting with multiple gods and goddesses, and the world is presumably in a nigh-constant state of war, I think it’s unlikely that the devs would be interested in making absolute moral determinations by creating a purely good faction. That would make everyone who opposed them effectively “evil” by default, and how do you explain having “purely good” troops fighting each other?

Fiction tends to cycle between black and white or shades of gray, out of phase with how people feel about the current state of affairs in their lives. Morality isn’t simple, but it’s not completely arbitrary either. Good people can have different perspectives and opinions because we have limited experiences and information.

Gems of War is a pretty “shades of gray” sort of setting, in which nobody’s always right or wrong, just on opposite sides. Which of all the factions in the game would you say are evil? Most of them are selfish and self-centered, like real people. The “hero” tends to just help whoever asks them to first, and ends up doing a number of morally dubious things along their journey.


there is nothing wrong with one faction perceived as good:
after all player uses all cards, players dont need to choose the faction to allign with so making one of them less or more evil doesnt create any moral dilemma

for example if Mercy got double race: Divine/Holy would that make the most of other units worse or less interesting?

also they dont have to live all in one kingdom, can be scattered along all the kingdoms so each kingdom could have their holy priest or semi-deity or anythinng

also as long as for “the right reason” the “good” units are still allowed to fight a war (at least in most cultures) so i dont see a reason why its not suited in this game

i think it opens up a lot of new fresh card designs that wouldnt be so fit in the game within the current race/factions

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This game is all about Ambiguous Morality.
I mean, seriously, have you not been reading the Kingdom Storylines?

  1. We helped Atlanta destroy Orion’s rule because he hunted down and destroyed her PIRATE crew.
  2. We helped Amira the assassin to “Knock out and Kidnap in order to Protect” the King she was supposed to assassinate, and allowed her to drag him off to who-knows-where at the end of the storyline…
  3. We destroyed Krystenax, the Royal Guardian of the Elfs, simply because a spoiled princess was pissed at her dad.
  4. I don’t even remember how many times we’ve helped Raven to lie, steal, rob, and murder through a path of corpses.
  5. And don’t even get me started on Tyri and her family…

So… exactly what makes you think our Hero is the “Good Guy” here?

oh, dont remind me? i never said that
i just simply would like to play with some good units TOO since most of them look just evil or at very least mixed morality by default,
and since the divine faction character now is more clear it doesnt meet the aspect i am missing in game

i mean everybody is fine with a lot of evil in game, whats wrong with a little more good in it?


Nothing wrong with it, there just is no particular need for more as there is plenty of “good/holy” in the game already.


I think it’s more about the artwork. The artwork itself is great but there’s no reason a divine/tauros Mythic needs to look like Balrog. He has bat wings for ****'s sake!

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And bats are inherently more evil animals than geese or whatever the white feathered wings of stereotypical angels are supposed to resemble?

We have plenty of characters with that “look”. He’s a mythic Tauros that in some respects, looks more like a demon than a tauros.

I’m not asking for “angel wings” or anything of the sort. Just make him look more “tauros-y”. The same goes for Wulfgarok, slap a wolf’s head on a demon and there you go.

Mhm to me he looks very much like a Tauros aside from having wings. And i find leathery wings much more fitting for a divine Tauros than feathery ones, especially considering he is an aspect of war called upon only in dire times.
In the end it comes down to personal preference i guess.

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The hero is a (wo)man of so few words… must speak to true innate goodliness…

Welcome back Sir Humphrey :slight_smile:

  • most of them could use extra halo / wings / clothes
  • most of them would be double race/faction, not just Holy alone
  • a lot of them could belong to any existing in game races/factions and would be fine but there is enough of space for a “Holy” concept in art and in general to make Holy a faction/race of its own
Some (not best) examples of Holy / good / angelic i could find

I disagree. Adding a ‘Holy’ faction type seems unnecessary and not sufficiently different to most of the Divine types. There are already so many types that interactions get pretty limited. Devs should focus on layering in more interactions/synergies linked to types, not add new types.

My disagreement is mostly around gameplay and mechanic considerations, not thematic ones; I can sympathise with both of the camps suggesting that (1) divine doesn’t feel holy any more vs (2) divine doesn’t need to mean holy. I first took it to be the former, as @Annaerith says… but Krystara is a complex and muddled up place…

Off-topic: but while we are at it, type team bonuses need a serious buff, probably to percentage gains… distorting a viable team so I can get an extra +1 Attack is obsolete and meaningless in the end-game.

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as much as i have no idea (and dont care at this point) does gameplay need another type or not

(most probably it rather DOES need it as devs tend to add new types recently for some reason, if it wasnt needed - merfolk or some other wildfolk split would never be created)

but the request come from the general concept, i think i (and a lot of ppl) would have more fun playing with some more “Holy” or good units, so therefore the idea is not bad for game life,

and since i agree that the divine turned out like this:

therefore a new different kind of holy/good is needed to make space for card designs to fit there, otherwise there wont be any of that kind designed or they will feel missplaced if so

this is a game, Krystara doesnt have to resemble a cruel world so realistic, it can have more idealised good characters and be fine

nearly half of the game art is demonic/evil, nearly half of the game art is neutral, the angelic/good art is very little

its a legit feature request about direction of art and concept development :slight_smile:

And it has plenty of those, look at Whitehelm a whole kingdom full of holy(fanatics) with the exception of the two story baddies.
And yes it is a game, but it is one entirely themed around war and conflict, and a lot of what you seem to perceive as “evil” is simply good or neutral battllehardened folks that have adapted to this conflict-driven world.

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