Divines and Mythics

There are 30 mythics in the game so far and you know how many mythics are divine? 14. 14 mythics are divine which is close to 50% and apparently the next mythic is divine/monster? Not sure on that though but don’t you think that’s enough?

I can’t say for sure just how bad the situation is but wouldn’t some more diversity be better? Why not make more boss like troops for mythic or even bring towers as available troops? Still, just me ranting since the best teams require, the same divine troops (Including an impossible to obtain hero weapon so woo…)

Does anyone else think mythics should be other races instead of just divine/Insert type here?


Because “Divine shaming” is heresy. :wink:

Jokes aside, the devs really need to review troop’s types and some other things.

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I think they’re trying too hard for lore consistency.

From a flavor/lore perspective, Divines at Legendary and upwards are either gods or very close to it. (At lower rarities we have Divines that are like “I work in a church!”)

Also from a flavor/lore perspective, when designing troops the devs want a good reason why THIS particular instance of a creature type is so much more powerful than the rest. An easy out is, “Well, it’s basically a god or blessed by a god”.

But then they feel like, for consistency, they have to make it a Divine because of that godlike aspect. I don’t agree. I think the mythology has room for beings that are god-touched without necessarily considering them gods.

I think we’re fine with believing that a powerful troop like Ubastet doesn’t have to be Divine to be “a really powerful Raksha”. It’s already Mythic. That’s the part that tells us it’s a powerful Raksha. If the devs want many mythics to synergize, it might be worth making a “Demigod” creature type, but I strongly advise against ever giving that type a 50% starter like Ishbaala.

That said, for all the whining: Divines are some of the best PvE there is. While I agree they’re too strong for PvP defense, I’m glad “playing for a year” gave me enough resources to build teams that mostly don’t struggle vs. Pet Rescues. Sure, there are faster Explore teams, but I also find Ishbaala and Divines really useful for the “…with 3 troops of the same color” daily tasks. There is a safe niche in the game for teams this powerful, but PvP is not it.

THAT said, I’m also on the “I win enough vs. this meta I am not bothered by it as a player”. From a game design standpoint though, this is really weird.