Divine demon please

Yep. A divine demon mythic at some point please. Would probably cheer that angelordemon guy up too.


Yeah, cool… maybe something like this:


A long time ago, in the design-a-troop days, @Freakynation76 posted an image of a hybrid that might fit the bill:



Yes the idea of a dual identity legendary troop is very cool. We already have Werewolf and Villager which alternate.

This is, of course, a good time to prod @sirrian about the EULA situation and getting Design-a-troop back up and running…


Would be cool if it changed into its opposite form every time it uses its skill.

Yeah, something like this for example.

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Can’t have a divine demon. that would be like having a good bad guy.

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Eh, I think it’s possible. Desdaemona is basically a “good” Daemon that hunts other Daemons, so…


Also even daemons have deities they believe in.


Whaao! I can’t imagine if one day Kratos come to this game!! Probebly crush in one punch everything standing against him!! :grin:

to be honest from my point of wiev when a divine being falls/becomes corrupted/becomes a demon it looses its divinity.

so please dont make a divine demon thing, its too antagonistic
and a deity of demon will normally be just a super high rank demon …

if you plan on adding a HOLY type then i withdraw my statement. for now divine means holy and so that type should not mix up with daemon

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Hmm, it could have multiple personalities. The divinity would remain intact if the divine personality had very limited control on when it became suppressed and op by the demon side. Or if you dont believe in mutiple personalities, 2 consciousnesses in 1 body due to some arcane chicanery.

but the two cannot stay both in effect in same time leaving only one of it at a time when you attack or apply team bonuses if you put it that way…

The mystical power of the 2 consciousnesses has affected the physical body to the extent that its considered both. when the other aspect is suppressed, its will is no longer active, but the physical capacity or whatever it grants is still available when it ‘hibernates’. :stuck_out_tongue:

well in that case id go with my idea that it looses its divinity regardless to keeping the mind of a holy one

cat having a personallity of a dog ocassionally or for good - still will not gain dog’s racials

Thats just genetics for cats and dogs though. The demonic and divine reside in some metaphysical or at least arcane domain where the mind will affect the “body”.

Lets just agree to disagree lol.

Not to pick knits or anything, but it is impossible to have a divine demon. Now a demon lord, a crown prince, a fallen angel, etc, but please no divine demons.

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You could have a divine demon. Divine doesn’t have to be equated with “goodness”. A deity could be either good, neutral or evil.

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