Course of action?


A member just insulted me in the forums. What can i do to get him banned, removed from the game and his guild as well?


Click on “Contact us” at top right.


Flag the message to let the developers look at it, and let them decide an appropriate action. You called for some extreme actions.


Lol, is this a serious thread? Yep one member insulted you so let’s ban his whole guild? Lmfao




tnx, will do. he is the gm of said guild, so i dont think its to much.


Tbh, it is too much to expect someone/an entire guild to be removed from the game over an “insult” in the forums. The devs do treat inappropriate behaviour here seriously, which is good, but your expectations of what could happen are not at all realistic.


Are you referring to the same GM that you called a Neo Nazi (among other things) in global 001?

Because if you are, you must be suggesting that you yourself (as well as your guild I guess, which guild are you in again?) be banned as well.

Ill send you the screenshots in a pm if you dont remember.


Gizmo has popcorn… Please proceed with the drama.



Banned for insults? Not likely, unless you’re willing to be banned as well for similar behavior.


will i get banned if my cousin insults your stepfather’s sister’s children? :cry:
i need to look for a keyboardless guild… :scream:


Could I suggest the protagonists just calm down a bit… shrug it off, move on…


I would actually, i never insulted anyone, willingly or otherwise.
Calling someone for what HE IS is not an insult in my eyes. If you can’t accept it, then that’s your fault.


yes, the very same one.


Well if you call someone fat and he is fat this is still an insult


It depends, the person who says it might be fat himself, or fater, and it can end up in a laughter… :grin:


You should contact the Devs via a PM if u see anyone that insult you in the GoW boards, and then ask them if they can delete the post. I think a obvious ban is bounded with threats, but also several warnings given. If the Devs finds the insult as extreme as you, surely they would have given the player a warning, at least.


tnx, i flagged the post. didnt pm admins as of yet. might do it soon :smiley: