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Apology for previous call out post

I’d like to publicly apologize for a previous post I made accusing someone of hacking and violation forum rules. I love this game and the forums and I promise it will not happen again.


Wow. That’s admirable.


Honestly, this is one of the best communities I’ve stumbled across in my many travels. For the most part, discourse here is civil and polite, and people don’t take offense and are quick to apologize. Thanks, OP. This was nice to see.


I take off my hat for you, even if I doesnt have any hair… :heart_eyes:


@Eika it’s the thought that counts :slight_smile:
And I too commend the OP for the apology

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Glad to see the community is so forgiving. :slight_smile:

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I jumped on it also…
I had games i loved ruined by cheats and hackerss. Lol
My Wife will kill me if i have to quit another game i spent all her $$$$ on :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps. Nice post !!!
Most the worlds problem s can be fixed with a sincere apologie :blush:


My faith in humanity can never be restored. This is because i never lost faith in humanity and this is thread is why it will never break.

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Kudos to the OP for standing up and taking responsibility. And welcome to the boards.

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Wow… What a great community. I really don’t deserve to be commended for acknowledging a wrong I’ve done; but it is nice to know I still have a place here without animosity. Thank you to everyone for turning a negative occurrence into a positive moment.

Acknowledging that you made a mistake and apologizing for it is the absolute best way to make amends. You’ve behaved like a civilized person and that is what you are being commended for.


Lets get down to brass tacks, we are all pretty epic here.

You can be epic, I want to be legendary!:wink:

Aren’t you mythic already?

I think we should start calling out people for the terrible puns.


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Only in my own mind!:wink:

You seem plenty mythic in the guild roster (going by card color at least).