Thank You GOW for the fun


Thank you GOW for making these last several months awesome. From February til this new update. Now im pretty sure I gotta go.

It’s for the best. I acquired a job and will be busy full time now. I guess everything happens for a reason.

I wanna say thank you for all the help. I may have not talked directly to a lot of players here. But I read a lot of what was said. I learned a lot from being here. So if I didn’t shout out to you it doesn’t mean you didn’t contribute anything good. This community is awesome.

@Strat @Stan @Vangor @Eika @Lyya @en9nhcet etc…etc…

I will miss it. On to the next.


Good luck for you new job!


Technically I don’t think we want Dear John threads… but this is a nice one, rather than an unhelpful parting swipe of whingeness… Best of luck @EmsDad15


Yea salty said these are banned, or words to that effect. Maybe she knew what effects the shitty new ui would have?
Anyway, good luck with your gems free lifestyle. I myself would be better off without it but I have my guild. The only thing that keeps me playing.
All the best dude


All best in new work, brudda! :slight_smile:


I never understood banning the goodbye threads. It’s like they want to be able to put their fingers in their ears and go “lalalala I can’t heeeaar yooooouuuu”. Then again, the percent of players who use the forums is probably next to nothing compared to the playerbase as a whole, so it’s entirely possible that our opinions just don’t matter…but this still sounded a lot like “it’s usually negative feelings, so we just don’t want to hear it”.


@EmsDad15 -hugs bunches- Will miss you but yes things all go on in life <3. To me you are awesome Ems so never change. Or like I say (and maybe trademarked … haha) 10,000 angry kittens of DOOM shall hunt you.

@Nephilim As far as discussions about things. I do find some restrictions a bit strange but do try to keep to them. As many games do not stress over goodbye threads, over mentioning cheating or pointing certain parts out (without naming names most games still don’t accept that), etc. Its very healthy for a community to discuss things that go on in well the community or the game. Its like a family unit of sorts. If you tell your children to hush on everything negative then they fear you. Talking about things enables us to stay clear minded and healthy in our focus. And I say talk not flaming one another. And many of the ‘don’t do that anymore’ posts tend to be generated at wholesome threads/replies that actually have a good amount of discussion in it.

EDIT (general reply) : And personally what does it matter if its 1 or 100 goodbye threads from the same user? It doesn’t do anything negative in the grand scheme of things. You could post 100 goodbye threads over your course of playing in WoW forums or other games. And not one blink of care would occur. Because as a community you should have bigger concerns than someone wanting attention through goodbye threads. Actually with some of the constant goodbye threads it makes me smile. Why? Because people that have been doing those tend to be wordy and creative. And it keeps things lively around this place. I have yet to see everyone go into the goodbye threads and swing it out like a billion angry nerds fighting over the latest pocket protector. The replies are usually sympathetic and play along. Or they just say short goodbyes. Think of them more like short stories.

I could see Lyyra’s point if the thread should become cancerous or negative. Then yes in those cases those threads should not remain/exist. Though if they follow a more neutral position then no harm no foul.


I think the banning of goodbye threads was due to some folks repeatedly posting goodbye threads, crying wolf until it got tiresome to the whole community. I know I personally won’t moderate a goodbye thread if it appears to be in good faith and if it follows all other community guidelines.


@Arelana Completely agree with you. Though even the genuine if not numerous goodbye threads that were not overly negative, still are seen in a similar light. So one might start to draw the conclusion they don’t want people posting them. Given their consistency to shaking a finger. I could link to some threads that might seem numerous by some members but never fully negative, that were moderated. Though not sure they would appreciate me pointing that out. In truth it doesn’t matter in the end. And see it more as subterfuge concerning more important matters, especially currently. Our focus as a community should be to collect our thoughts and address things together. From what I see a lot in the community, not just made up.

  1. UI concerns
  2. AI concerns
  3. Certain metas
    [ add in if I missed one of the more talked about topics ]

And these and talks about them should be what concerns us. Not how many goodbye threads someone has or will make.

@EmsDad15 With Ems I completely enjoyed having him around. so for me will miss the little pokes and chats. You should add your goodbye with stars, you are a star in my book <3 I really hope your job goes well. And if you get a chance poke in every now and again. I’ll share my chocolates.


I enjoyed our interactions as well, Best of luck with your new job!


evidently if someone is really going to leave, I bet they do not care if goodbye threads are allowed just saying, and best of luck to the OP, thanks for playing


@EmsDad15 Congrats on the new job and may You find prosperity and joy therein. As for your absence from GoW and these forums. You will be missed. Take care, friend.



@EmsDad15 Here is something simple I did for you. Its just using one of my older works , then adding in the GoW board along with your name. Keep in touch!cud2

A little side fact when I do my masking. I use a snowflake. No … seriously I do. Solid center with little dark and light edges. It makes for an awesome masker.


Thank you! I love it! How can I save that?


@EmsDad15 Right click and ‘Save As’ or I can send you it. Or make you something much nicer than just using old work. =) Was my way to say I’ll miss you.

When I get a digital camera I’ll take pictures of everything besides people sitting in the dentist chair. Believe it or not I’ve never owned a digital camera? My last one I owned was a Polaroid. If that tells you anything.


Lol. Sorry I’m on a cell phone which only works with WI fi. I don’t even own a computer or pay for cell phone service. I wouldn’t even have a PS4 if someone wouldn’t have bought me one. I’m sort of a minimalist. Not *truly. But *sorta

Can you send it through PS4?


@EmsDad15 I can. I submit things to our Guild community that way if you ever saw. <3 Also here is me in SL a few weeks ago. Its a very nice beach right? I was just wandering around checking a swimsuit we had made. Sometimes the best way to test is to wear and wander. So I attacked the beach. Okay not really. I’ll send it on PS4 tomorrow because at my computer right now. And I sort of get carried away on PS4 if I get on it. Yes no one ever taught me how to pause well. My pauses come in the form of ‘mommmmmmmmm!’ lol … but I’ll send it first thing when I get on it.