Sincere Thanks

Hello, @Jeto, @Kafka, @OminousGMan, and anyone I’m forgetting. I want to say thank you for being helpful around here and keeping us informed. I know it’s your job, but I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated.


I agree Ya’ll have been super helpful to everyone in the forums @admins

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Thanks folks, I know how unhappy everyone is with the game right now, I’ve asked for more detailed information so we can make another post about the Dungeon before the weekend so we can share what we can with everyone.

The forums got crazy on both sides of the discussion, I really don’t like sending warnings and bans, and especially don’t like deleting posts. I don’t want to be a cop but it got so out of hand I had to do more moderation than usual. Doing my best to keep everything as fair as possible regarding community guidelines.

All of us here on CX also appreciate how much patience everyone has had with our communication so far this week, despite being angry with the game itself, as Jeto was working by herself on Monday and Tuesday while myself and Gman were at an industry conference, then Wednesday was an office holiday (although a lot of us still had our work hats on as we were still at the conference and at our major Australian Game Developer Awards night) and now it’s just me and Gman again catching up on everything.



Feedback since changed to dungeons. I always pick 4,5,6 or a combination of. In the 6 days, I have picked a trap 4 times on first pick, 2 times on second pick. Bottom row has had at least 1 trap each day. Please go back and look at code again. I have 1 perfect run since it launched always picking the bottom 3. Please see what else is going on. I am sure the odds are in the millions of only having 1 perfect run always pickings the same 3.

As upset as I am about the game right now, I still manage not to swear, use threats or being unpleasent on a personal level.

So for all it is worth; thank you for making sure the tone stays on a certain level of civilness.

I would like to give my full back up to you @Kafka and your colleagues to ban and kick anyone who uses threats. Not threats about leaving the game, but personal threats. I know it has happened before and is NEVER okay.

But also thank you for acknowledgeing that people are super frustrated about the game and as I have written before: complaining costumers/players are customers that care. We WANT to play the game. Costumers/players that have had enough will just leave.
And after all what is Gems of War without the players helping eachother, helping new players navigating in the overwhelming amount of troops, weapons and combinations. Figuring out what is what, when and how.
I personally would not be playing the game or be able to be GM and help others if it wasn’t for fantastic and amazing people like Tacet, @Taransworld , @Hawx, @gary_dils