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Corrupted Goblin event (video)


So many keys…

as desperately as I need runics I want to hold off for wild plains…

Where you’ll get those rare red/green arcades :wink:

i only bought a few ill buy more only when I get the spend glory task. we do got epics out the wazoo with red/green so least they will be useful.

So if i saw this video correctly. you guys get not only daily quests but a weekly event on top of it as well? Omg devs why you hurt me like this. so many pros and cons

why wouldn’t we have event troops? chill out the personal tasks are an invention of the console devs… and the pc/mobile devs like them so are gonna add em… prolly next patch…

@Sirrian any comment on pc ppl gettin tasks?

We just got events and there is no telling how many we might get or if they are absolutely continuing with some people thinking it is a waste of time . The devs have the numbers on how many are playing in the event i would think. I thought the event was testing to daily tasks but after seeing this video it is clear that this progression is false. The hurt me part is that this game is not on wii yet and i love wii more than x-box and ps4. Also the game looks very slow vs pc.

you mean the use the new troop get more stuff kinda event? no we don’t get nothin for using the hob…

oh really? That kinda sucks.

we are way behind we just got grosh nak this month…

ouch. That sucks. At least you guys have those quests in the corner ther. We have more kingdoms and troops but you guys have those quests that give you awards.

they are nice but sometimes they get me distractedI hate the do 4 maps 1… we still got the 15 turn maps with no traits…

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We would like to added Tasks in the future. No ETA at this time.

how the flying hell do you have 30k valor, i once played for about 2 weeks straight and never got more than 1k.

edit: nvm youre clearly a p2w player. pass.

@wskill you didn’t notice the zero on his shield. He hasn’t spent a dime.

You also can’t buy Glory, it’s the only currency in the game that can’t be payed for.

You made me wonder something. Firstly it is clear he is not pay to win because of the shield saying zero which ment he did not spend a dime but also you clearly can gain that amount of glory but saving up for just one purchase of the troop and doing maps every single day. i can get 100k in glory if i really tried. If i was in a high end top tier guild sure i could just contribute gold every day and only be doing maps the whole time.Unless you ment your post as a joke cause around here pay2win is no joke.

remember when troops capped at 15 and they only costed like 60-120 to buy for glory… well that wasn’t too long ago on console so I still have a left over stockpile from those days. when troops like dolkannor came out I only bought 1… so gained a lot of glory those weeks.

I believe it is the glitch where that is actually is exp total and he would have to go into his collection tab to view is actual glory.