Question about Console Events

I apologize if this is a stupid, n00b-ish question, but there is something very basic about Events that I would like to understand.

For example – This week is “Blackhawk Down.” I know that there are new Troops. I know that two of the new Troops can be purchased with Glory from the Store, or from using the “News” tab in the interface. But, aside from new Troops, I don’t know what the actual “Event” is.

I surmise from other posts that I have read that it has to do with the Troops that are used for PvP. So, some questions that I have would be:

  • Am I correct so far? If not, where am I going wrong?
  • Are the Event Troops all Troops from Blackhawk, or just the ones available in the Store (or something else entirely)?
  • What are the bonuses/rewards for using those Troops in PvP?
  • How do I find this kind of information for next week’s Event, and for other Events in the future?

Thank you for entertaining my questions, and for helping to point me in the right direction.

The Events are visible on your World Map on the left hand side, like so:

These change weekly and provide different rewards each week.

For a list of current events out-of-game, go to

Also note that these events are currently PC/Mobile only. Console has a different system, called Tasks, that works differently.

Thank you. Sorry if this sounds incredibly stupid, but I have never seen a “left-hand side” on my screen.

Yeah, I just realized where you posted (Console). These tasks currently don’t apply to you. I’ve adjusted my response accordingly.

Whew! I was really worried there for a moment about things like resolutions and aspect ratio and the like.

Thank you, @Lyya. One question about your Events page – I see that four different items are currently listed in your Events area. Are all four of those active at the present time? If not, how can I tell which are active and which are not on a particular week?

All of those Events are currently active. For the entire history of Events, including those no longer active, see Events - Gems of War Database.

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For console currently, the only things the current “event” affects are:

  1. The glory troop bundles available for purchase; and
  2. Event keys will predominantly drop troop from the kingdom based on the current event. (this is big, as it allows you to target specific troops with event keys)

That’s it, there’s no PvP bonuses or anything.

As for finding out about the future, they only announce events just before the weekly reset every Sunday evening, however, you can make educated guesses about what the event troops/kingdom will be for console based off of what’s been released on PC and hasn’t been released yet for console.

For instance, there’s a decent chance next week’s event will be Glacial Peaks or Zaejin, as those are two kingdoms that don’t have as many troops as many other kingdoms that have had events for PC that we should be expecting soon.


Thanks – Perhaps I should have been more specific. Yes, I was referring to Events available on Xbox One (my current play platform). Thank you @VegaDark541 for noting Event Keys dropping from the Event Kingdom. I was not aware of that…

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Just adding on to @VegaDark541,

For this week specifically, opening event keys is the best way to target Blackhawk’s legendary troop (Kraken). Last week, during the Sword’s Edge event, opening event keys would have guaranteed that any legendary troops awarded would have been either Queen Ysabelle or Shadow Dragon.

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Well be getting the new pc/mobile events when we get next patch. Which should be in a few weeks.