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[CONSOLE] Minor Weekly Event Rollover/Reset issues


I stayed up late playing Gems of War to experience what occurs during the weekly rollover while actively playing on the XBox One console.

  1. The active PvP battle gave an error window stating “The current PvP event has ended and a new one will begin shortly. Check back in a few minutes.” No problem. However this does not qualify as an Xbox game error. Please remove the Error window title. It gives the impression that an error occurred. Consider replacing the window title with Information or Warning or maybe even no title at all.

  2. The PvP rewards (mail) popup window prompts with broken YES/NO buttons.

  3. The Shop tab labeled “Rewards” does not seem to automatically update the contents. I waited over 15 minutes to make sure. Exiting the game client and relaunching correctly populated the rewards screen. Please consider adding a feature for updating the in-game store while the player is online.

Other than those minor issues it was a smooth ride to the next event. :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,


Just to be clear on point 1 which is not an error.

Please remove this Error title. I think the Sorry title used on the PC version would be perfectly fine.


Right or wrong, this is how their system was designed. It pulls the latest data from the server when the client launches. This same functionality is in the Task System. You can continue to finish a daily task after the “Daily reset” IF you don’t restart the game (Top Line). This design allows them to make quick. troop updates, etc

I don’t want to dissuade your enthusiasm, but there are so much bigger fish to fry in terms changes. For example look at the post Quality of Life.