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Why lock when you could just delete?

I was playing a little adding to the monsters event…when I went in It was fully completed…last weeks stats carried over to today…100% event in 1 hour and 6 minutes Gems of War_20180101030549


Not only that but our Guild tasks didn’t reset and neither did our seals for my Guild. Not sure if others are affected or not. I’m on Xbox One.

they need to get on this

Dude. It’s a holiday, chill. Everyone deserves a day off. It’s just a game. Do something else today if you’re scared of a rollback. If not, just farm Arcanes, do PVP with a plains team despite the tier not being reset for the extra Glory if you’re into that event, play TH, whatever. Set your PVP defense team to the GW defense team you wanna use tomorrow - problem solved for tomorrow’s GW. Enjoy the holiday.

Yes, it’s annoying for me as well because I could do all PVP tiers and the event today because I am obviously not having any appointments today and just am at home. But whatever. It’s a game, the game itself still works and I would never, ever expect anyone to come in on a holiday to fix this. If the whole game would have crashed, maybe. But a single event that will run for six more days? Come on. The devs deserve their holiday, too.


This is a dupe thread. Please see the thread @Eika linked to above.

Sirrian has already responded though the news isn’t good. Everyone is out of the dev den for NYDay, no fix expected for “16-24 hours”

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this is a ps4 thread…the other was “pc” so I didn’t go in and look at it thinking it was a seperate issue.

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Understood, but this problem is on all platforms, best to keep all discussion, whining, rending of garments and gnashing of teeth on the same thread!

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SNAP TO IT, DEVS!!!1!!!11!

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@Eika @Sheba …I didn’t mean “Now” just that it’s an issue that needs to be looked into. Christ…lol

Sirrian’s already posted about 10 times in the other thread

Here’s the link again: Tasks / Seals / Events Not Resetting Correctly

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I think she’s wrong.


Closing because resolved. Further information in this thread. :rocket: :confetti_ball: