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Tasks / Seals / Events Not Resetting Correctly

There’s now an official thread regarding this issue:


I seem to have started this week without my Event Stones rolling over. It let me collect the last 80 Gem reward, not the other five (they started complete). Relogging has not changed anything so far.


I’m effectively being cheated out of the other five rewards actually lol.


It seems some of the reset stuff hasn’t reset all the way. I have the same thing in mine, and our Legendary Tasks haven’t reset to regular tasks.

I think it has something to do with the new year switch over

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I’m seeing that as well, tasks are offering Legendary ones and Seals are at 40k.

I have amended the thread’s name.

Same for me - Legendary Tasks, Seals maxed, Event maxed. After a restart, it at least changed the event panel (I was still seeing the Merlantis one before) to the one with Sunweaver, even though the shop had changed already.

The event chests seem to have changed correctly as well, people keep pulling Ketras out of them already and the new troop is in there as well.

Same thing happening on my end as well.

PS4 nothing reset except the event itself. PvP leaderboards also didn’t reset.

Yup same hereScreenshot_20180101-011133

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Anyone know if any of the dev or support are around?

Yep - this looks consistent across all versions.
We were fixing an exploit involving resets last week, and it looks like something has broken.

Unfortunately we won’t have a fix in for this for about 16-24 hours, as the whole team is out for New Year’s Day.


Wow… you’re up late or early…or whatnot…

Thanks for the quick response.

Is only 6:30PM here, so neither really :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully it is an easy fix when everyone gets back into the office.

@Sirrian Thanks for the time frame. Means I should sleep and check in tomorrow rather than waiting up all night.

Yeah - unfortunately I’m not able to fix this particular issue. I was on call to fix any store issues at changeover, but this issue is outside my area of expertise these days (I’m just the #3 stand-in server guy now)…

This one will need our main team, Andrew and/or Cliffy to take a look, and they should be back in the office about 15 hours from now. Most likely they’ll revert back to some previous code and force a reset fairly quickly once they’re in the office, but we’ll know more in the morning.


We need to worry about any kind of roll backs?

AAK! Bad news…

I’ll be spending most of tomorrow sitting in an airport and was hoping to get a lot of GoW play in! :sob:

Will any seals/trophies/event points earned before the fix be wasted? Should I just avoid playing until things are fixed?

I’ve already posted in my guild’s Discord that people should hold off donating gold until the situation is resolved.

Thanks for keeping us informed anyway…

Well. If this is consistent, we should still have our 3/8/8/2 stat bonuses from maxed tasks lol.

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Not unless there’s a more serious underlying issue/exploit that we become aware of.
At the moment, it seems to have sent out rewards as normal, but just not restarted all the various systems… effectively giving an 8th day to the week. GW is kind of annoying though, as it seems to have set up the new schedule, but not registered the week as having started!


It is affecting PVP…btw partly… Getting the Glory and still stuck in the old levels

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From what I am seeing the only thing that changed is the event itself.

For everyone confused:
Stuff that changed correctly:

  • Event chest content
  • Troop use event (5 Glory for appropriate PVP team; Coral Golem does not give extra gold in explore anymore)
  • Shop content

Stuff that’s still from last week:

  • Guild tasks
  • PVP tier
  • Guild chests
  • Seals
  • Snotgem event

So yes, you can still open your guild chests at their last week’s level - I just did so and it works just fine. That’s the good part of the bug. The rest means we have to wait.