All guild tasks reset on friday morning?

Hi guys,

I woke up this morning to see all guild tasks back at 0.
We had finished 2, had one at 10, two at 6/7 and were less then 450k away from finishing the third.

Guild seals and stats (gold/trophies) are all reset too.

I already created a support ticket for it…
I’m just wondering if we are the only guild this happened to?

there were many salty is already looking into it

We know about this issue and are working on fixing it now. :slight_smile:

@kzintiwife you beat me to it! I’m just not fast enough today.


All reset in a week! what to do?

Send a ticket to support at with your guild name and they should be able to help out.

I wouldn’t complain about extra seals and easy tasks, it happened on PS4 on a Sunday, 1500 seals and half of them finished, I could do without the chest for a week, this is why I always collect my seals immediately.

I meant extras completed not tasks lost.

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