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Issue: Weekly Events not Resetting Correctly (Jan 1st 2018) FIXED

2nd January 1:30pm AEST: This issue should now be resolved. Please restart/close and reopen your game.

I’ve just started a post in Official News, to make sure this is doubly easy to find.

Issue: Some weekly events have not reset correctly, including:

  • Ranked PvP
  • Guild Wars
  • Collection Event (with Sunweaver this week)
  • Guild Tasks

Rewards seem to have been sent out okay, and PvP is still playable for rewards, but will not count towards a new event when it does reset.

Due to it being New Year’s Day, we don’t have enough people available to get a quick hotfix out. But we anticipate getting one out first thing tomorrow, when the team arrives back in the office (about 14 hours after this post).


Thank you for an official post! :smiley:

As 14 hours from now will be 2am in Europe time, here’s (again) the hint for all Europe people to set your PVP defense team to the team you want to use for tomorrow’s GW. That way - unless that’s broken as well, I cannot check and neither can you - you should have that team as your defense tomorrow.

@Sirrian My rewards didn’t sent out okay, they sent out double-okay. :wink: I got the GW victory seals for yesterday’s win two times (so 100 seals total) with one hour difference. The exp bonus didn’t double-stack, though; it sits at 100%. The weekly rewards just got sent once as it should be, as did the login and VIP bonus.
I’m not complaining, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should put the servers offline.

Expecially since the team cannot use this Internet thing to reach your servers.


So there’s no way I can set up a gw defence for the first day? UK person here!

gemsofwar so gw in 4 days ))

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I posted this above. :wink: Your PVP defense team should be tomorrow’s GW defense by default. Just set whatever you want as tomorrow’s defense team as your current PVP defense.

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Honestly, prob a good idea to have no GW for the week cause of this, also gives everyone a break from it, since i know people have complained in the past about it being too often, and loved the break last time it happened


gemsofwargemsofwar so yeah you can just change your defence team it seems. And it will be ok. Also ladder resets and you can press results and freely see who is a paragon champ etc.

Yea, I’ve made sure it’s something decent but it’s a bit of a pain. Hopefully it will be sorted pretty soon.

Well, it’s just for the first day. Things will be fine tomorrow and you can set the rest of the week up normally then. I just slapped my blue defense team into PVP defense and all is well now.

How did you do that @Assectator? The screen closes immediately for me when I click anything.

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Set your guild wars defense as your pvp defense. Should take care of it.

I understand that part, thank you @RiverSong. But he said in that post that you can see standings and Paragon and stuff too. So I wondered how. :slight_smile:

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By clicking very quickly


They either fixed it, or I tricked my way into the results menu showing who is paragon etc.
Not fixed, I’m just tricky.

Pardon me for trying to help you out. Next time I’ll just ask, “Which way did you come in?” :roll_eyes:

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I did say thank you, didn’t I @RiverSong ? :smiley: I wasn’t being sacastic. :slight_smile: I am sorry if I gave you that impression.

Oh and fast clicking did indeed work, thank you @UKresistance ! :smiley:

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For a game to be this broken for this long is pretty low… If you can’t fix problems, don’t push updates…

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Eh… it’s New Year’s Day, give them a break (or not, your choice of course, but I know I’m giving them a break at least :slight_smile:)


Would it be advisable to craft anything before the fix or should I wait? I wouldn’t want to lose resources.
Will the fix reset resources to an earlier date?