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All weekly rewards already claimed

Hi @Sirrian and @Nimhain. I just started this week’s PvP and the game gave me all tier rewards (or at least said it did) without even fighting a battle. I know others have had this issue too but just wanted to mention it so it can be fixed whenever you have a moment. Thanks.


We are aware of this issue. We have been trying to resolve this issue for a couple of weeks.

A couple of questions for anyone affected by this:
When you got your Tier rewards, did you get rewards from a defense?
Did you have the game running when the event changed over?

@Nimhain for me the pvp icon had the usual exclamation mark flashing on it. When I clicked on it the pvp stats screen came up as it would if there were a defense win or loss. My weekly stats are all reset to zero but then a rewards screen comes up giving me my tier rewards for achieving tier 1. I haven’t even done an invade or had a defense battle completed either. Last week the same thing happened and as I climbed to tier one no rewards were given. Which they shouldn’t have been - they were already given.

Hope this helps.

Edit : the game was not running during the reset. I shut the game down about 5 minutes before and turn it back on about 5 minutes after the reset time.

No defense rewards were received. My stats were still all 0 for the week.

I had just finished a game though when the event switched over. Was trying to get to 50 when the time ran out and the new event screen popped up. Got the rewards for finishing 53 from mail. Couldn’t get back into PvP for a bit. When I did though, the button was flashing like I had a defense win or loss or if I had gone up a tier. I hit it and it said I was tier 1 and awarded everything.

Edit: And when I look at it now it says I’m tier 15.

Edit 2: This was also before any invasions ad I haven’t tried that yet. Need a break after the end of week grind.

We have deployed a fix out that should fix it for anyone who hasn’t login yet. Hopefully it should reset correctly next event.

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Cool. I’ll let you know how things are when I level up.

Yup nothing else received right now so I guess I’m playing for the glory.