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Pvp event changed but I received no rewards and still at rank 1

on xbox, now I see the news have changed " we are back to karakoth…" , the event time say it will end in 6 days…but im still pvp rank 1 with no rewards of last week rank 1.

I have reloaded game but that change nothing.

@Mr.Strange @Nex

I’m on the PS4 version, same issue. Something with the PVP clearly didn’t flip over.

Yeah people mentioned it here too

Yeah, sorry about that. We’re working to fix it. Shouldn’t be too long before things are working properly.

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ahh yeah my bad, thought you were only talking about the 2h delay. well in a way i prefer not be the only one with this prob.

No it’s fair given it was a different problem originally. I was posting more to just help let the devs know that this wasn’t the only place where people were talking about it and they already posted too so now we just wait til fixed.

I was playing during the change of week event, perhaps its the reason?
Still not working for me, week event timer say event will end in 6 days 18 hours and still at pvp rank 1.

It’s nothing you’ve done. It’s an issue on our end that we’re investigating. We hope to have it fixed shortly.

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ok, thank you for your fast answers.

Okay, it should be fixed now. Because of the way we fixed the problem, some people may receive two daily rewards, but otherwise things should be back to normal.

Thanks for your patience.

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Well let’s check it out and see…

It works! And I had a partial double up but it works so thanks!

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Oh please be me.

Fixed for me! back at rank 15 and got all rank 1 rewards. Thank you!

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Looks like I didn’t get my weekly pvp reward since I was under 300 glory and should have won 300. Ticket off to support I suppose…

For the weekly event rewards, you’ve supposed to earn 100 Glory and 300 Souls for reaching Rank 1.

Isn’t the login supposed to display 4 splash screens which show each of 4 event rewards one is supposed to receive? Because currently it typically shows me this:

Login Bonus Gold (200)
Daily Loyalty Bonus (+300)
Guild Bonus (100% of 500 above, i.e. 1000 for a Champion-level guild)
Event screen with Event name, final Ranking, total Glory tally, and Daily Glory reward (+16 for Rank 1)
VIP5 reward (2 Glory Keys + 100 Gold)
Event Rank 1 reward: (supposed to be 2000 Gold)
Event reward: 10 Glory Keys
Event reward: 100 Glory
Event reward: 300 Souls

The issue is that for the last 3 weeks, the login sequence after the actual Event splash page (Daily Glory earned etc.) has been terminating poorly. I’ve gotten dumped very abruptly into the World Map with no idea whether rewards were applied.

The other problem is the 2000 event gold we’re supposed to receive. Ever since the 1.085 update, I haven’t seen that screen pop up. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s supposed to come AFTER the 100% Guild Bonus, or BEFORE the Event keys, glory, and souls are shown. I suspect it’s not being applied to my account because at the beginning of the week, my gold count appears increased by up to 2000… but 1000 of that is entirely due to Tribute that I check upon login. If it were being applied, presumably I should see a total increase of 4000 gold.

While we’re on the topic of login screens…

Has no-one ever reported that on the daily Guild Bonus page, the logo for Champion-level guilds is being displayed with an incorrect image aspect ratio? On the Xbox One, the guild logo shows up squashed from side to side. If you consult the login screens for the PC/Mobile version of GoW, the graphic distortion becomes immediately obvious.

Just wanted to toss that out into the bug ring. Would be interesting if PS4 users see that, too.

Game has been updated. The old login is gone. Replaced by the mail system the mobile side has. New tasks have been added. Everyone will need to look again to see if they are receiving their daily awards. Check to see if they corrected your PvP since it will do that weekly reward again with this update.

Prior to this update when this thread started, I checked to see if I was bugged by this as some of you were. I had to take screenshots. After reviewing them, it was working correctly which was a sigh of relief. The game computed the daily awards prior to the series of splash screens from what I could tell. It added the VIP bonus afterwards. Only one time did I experience what you have @Theicla whereby the game dumped me to the World Screen map. I did not collect my daily login. Don’t recall which day it was. And I have no desire to submit a ticket to collect 775 gold.

However, for the rest of you who experienced these errors one to many times, submit tickets and plead your case. The 505 Games Support Team are very friendly and understanding. :slight_smile: