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Daily bonus and champ reward problem

None of my rewards was applied today. I was Champ level 1 and neither those rewards or my daily bonus was applied. I hope someone can help with this. My resources are limited and precious. Thank you. First post. This is a REALLY fun game. :smile:

Same Problem for me. Last Tuesday was it the same.

I had the same problem today playing on Xbox One. I was level 1 pvp, but did not receive the end of event rewards. I did, however, receive the daily bonuses.

Contact support guys. Been happening for weeks now.

Yeah I don’t know what I’ve been getting, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten the glory keys at the end of the event, just never had a way to prove it.

I just responded to this same issue in this thread, so I’m just gonna quote myself for brevity’s sake:

I know the cause, it’s logging into gow on the day the pvp is over but before the time the pvp is over.
It went through all the daily reward and new week message and pvp weekly reward, but pvp timer still showed negative.
This is a new bug, I suspect there was just a minor patch recently. @Mr.Strange fixed a bug recently about new troop not refreshing on new week, I think that’s the problem.

Wow, customer support gave my stuff in like 2 hours! Include your invite code (press start to get to settings) and it would have been even faster.

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Yeah, our CS team is pretty quick about solving problems when they’re able.

I mentioned it before, but if anyone else is seeing the same issue, you’ll want to submit a ticket to Customer Support at https://support.505games.com/support/solutions/folders/6000149221

I did that but they said issues like this were just unfortunate GUI errors where the number of a thing you have doesn’t appear but you still gained the thing, unlike my issue where the glory just plain didn’t appear for me.

I was reimbursed for 100 glory, however, so I actually got slightly more than I missed out on. I wasn’t worried that much about the gold; I can make 1,000 gold in one invasion so…

I had the exact same experience.

same here
not depositing tha gold

wolf 27 invite