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The Daily Bonus Glitched

Today A friend and I both logged in and it showed the bonus screens, though the 1000 gold"we’re clan champions" never appeared…we just have the small amount of gold we had yesterday…is there a fix for this?

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My Glory isn’t showing up either.

None of my rewards was applied today. I was Champ level 1 and neither those rewards or my daily bonus was applied. I hope someone can help with this. My resources are limited and precious. Thank you.

It happened yet again to Me…and a friend of Mine…come on Devs and or Mods…give a little insight ,Please


Please find out what exactly is going on here… we need our daily resource gains.

I logged in on the XB1 just now, and got my PvP rewards normally. Guild bonus (just 5%) was applied properly too.

Is it just a problem for certain people? Just on certain consoles? Try to gather more data, if you can.

I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. I hit Rank 1 today so I expect +16 glory in my coffers as well as an additional 1,000 gold for my guild being Champion Tier then.

Check also you got all your Weekly Rewards from the last week event mist of scales. I received nothing today with the start of the new event. Customer support was quick to get me my items. Thanks
Any chance we can get this bug squashed and the SHOP bug. @Mr.Strange @Nex @Foresti

Also @505GamesSupport thanks for all your help guys

300 souls
10 glory keys
100 glory

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I play on PS4 and 3 days in a row now I have not received my 1000 gold bonus

Guess I should pay attention to this tomorrow.


I DID get my 100 glory from the event rewards… otherwise I wouldn’t have Zephyros now. I know I didn’t get my daily honus gold but I have to wait for tomorrow to check my glory.

I just noticed today nothing happened. I did receive the MVP money but not the Daily Bonus. My gold was at 7100 and went to 7200. I have a video clip if you need it uploaded. Nothing special was done other than start the game.

Before daily turn-in

After turn-in

Just contacted support like @death had done. Hopefully they’ll be able to see how many days I went without anything since normally who really does pay attention. Obviously people do since we have these threads but normally I just click away figuring if it worked all along, why would it stop now?

A few of you are already doing this, but if your daily rewards aren’t appearing, you should submit a ticket to Customer Support: https://support.505games.com/support/solutions/folders/6000149221

Explain the situation, include as many details as you can (screenshots and/or video are especially helpful), and they should be able to figure out what’s happened. In the meantime, we’ll take a look at possible causes.

Sorry, I’m not certain what you’re showing me here.

Are you seeing the screen announcing your daily log-in bonus, but not getting it? Are you not seeing the announcement? Is the amount wrong?

That would be what he’s showing (and what my problem was.)

The first picture showed he had 17 glory. Then he was supposed to be getting 16 more, but his overall total stayed 17. So today’s bonus of 16 wasn’t added to his total.

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The first picture was taken at around 9:30 AM.
The second was taken when I claimed my daily reward.

I got 0 gold and 0 glory, not including VIP rewards. The gold I can make easily but I need the glory.

I submitted a ticket and got compensation…no idea if the issue is fixed yet…I’ll keep everyone updated

It worked fine for me today (sadly, I liked their bonus for inconvenience). :slight_smile: