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Daily Bonus Reward did not give proper amount

Posting and tagging in case anyone else had this issue today.

As the opening screen went through all accumulated rewards it showed I should receive 1000 gold. 500 from daily log in. Double that for guild. When I checked the mail it only said 500 gold and 16 glory. Receiving the mail, only got the 500. Things were fine yesterday.

This is on the PS4.

@Nex @Mr.Strange @Foresti

EXACT same problem on the X1. Fine yesterday, only 500 today. EDIT: Did not contact support over 500Gold.

I did just to let them know rather than for claiming 500 gold.

Same here i was 5 days in a row login yesterday and today got reset to first day login

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angry horse noises

Quit resetting our Celestia-forsaken loyalty rewards!

stomps ground with front right hoof

Exactly the same for me. I was nearly back to full bonus after being away on vacation and now I’m starting over again.

My 5 in a row gold bonus reset randomly a week ago

Same here, the reason is that for some reason our login streak was broken even though it wasn’t in reality.

I’m not sure that what you say is actually a ‘reason’. :wink:

I played through the rollover time, logged off and immediately logged back in to collect my daily bonus and reset my tasks. I don’t think it is possible to play two ‘days’ in a row with less delay.

Just checked and mine reset again today too. Yesterday my guild trophies/gold reset.
Past week been having disconnects and error messages.
Event troops didnt show last week.
Neither did the shop.
Armour is still missing too.

Everything Robert said happened to me as well.

I got reset three days ago

iam so mad that i lost 500 Gold a Day !

… ditto … (X1)

This is the second time this has occurred in two weeks.

yea whole Guild had 2x Weekly reset