Daily Login Bonus reseted

During today’s little server issues, I managed to log in but couldn’t do anything.
Afterward, when I came back to collect my Kingdom incomes, I didn’t get the daily login screen, but directly got the reward in my mail inbox, except it was 500 gold instead of 1000.

Not really a big deal at my level, but I guess it’s worth reporting since lower level player might have been affected as well.

Same problem, which I posted here: Didn't get guild bonus for daily reward

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Oh, right, 500 gold instead of 1000 doesn’t mean my daily login bonus was reseted, but rather that I was considered without a guild !
Misunderstood the problem and so I thought your problem was a different one :wink:

Yeah, it had been so long since I thought about it that I had to stop and ponder for a few seconds myself, but being in the climb to top guild level made it less of a distant memory for me. Lol

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