Havent recieved atleast daily money for 2 weeks now

Havent bothered to report this before because its just 1000 gold (a day) and i wasnt behind my pc much and had to catch up on some sleep, but ok behind my pc now i thought to report it anyway.

So i see all the rack ups giving me the bonus from week-streak till guild rank bonus but when i get to the main game screen the money isnt added to my gold at all. This way i so far did miss out on 20k, which isnt thát much but still…

Is crew aware of this bug? I have no clue what has caused it nor if anyone else has it.

I havent really payed attention to my glory though so i cant say for certain if i missed on that too but i wouldnt think so so far…unless my reasonable glory income is due to guild… hm…

Anyway hope it gets fixed.
-wskill. / Calamaistr - PS4

The gold and glory rewards you see the first time you log in each day are just a notification of what you will receive once you actually claim the rewards. You have to go into your mail to actually claim those rewards.

Are you not getting the rewards in the mail?

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Weird i guess i never noticed that change before, solved i guess.