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Key rewards not giving shown rewards

I have a video loaded to xbox live as proof. This happens VERY often when opening glory keys - it will say, for this particular instance, 120 glory as a reward. After pressing “A” (xbox) to accept rewards, then back out of the chest menu to the main screen I look up and have only 96 glory. If this is a bug, then I am missing thousands upon thousands of glory because of this alone. Anyone else noticing this?

I suspect it’s related to the “display bug” when using Keys and not receiving many of the items listed. They have been investigating this issue for a few months. You only received 96 Glory when opening the chests, the game falsely displays more.

I don’t think management (top developers) know that this bug exists, Because if they did they should know full well how seriously this undermines the integrity & perception that all is as it should be with a RNG driven game. They would have devoted the necessary effort to correcting a glaring issue, that isn’t at all like a translation error.

Thank you for your reply. I will be honest, I don’t think it gave any additional glory at all. I know if it did, it wasn’t anywhere near 96, because I believe that is how much I had prior to opening the chests.

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