I seem to have a bug with my glory

Hi there,

So i started playing GoW on my PS4 a few weeks ago and i love it keep up the good work! I hit level 40 today (even with all the server isuuses today i cant be stopped) so i decided to finally look around everything. This is when i notcied something stange. When i looked in my hero screen on the collection tab i noticed it said i had 10k glory, but when i went to the rewards tab under shop it said i had only 94. I guess im looking for some clarification if this a bug or if it has to do with the server issues we are experiencing today. Any help would be awesome thanks everyone!

In the collection tab it’s displaying your experience (which internally is called Glory) instead of your Glory.

Will be fixed in next update. Shouldn’t impact anything in the meantime.

Aaaaaah gotcha makes sense! Thank you for the speedy reply!

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It also shows a glory key drop in quest but you get a gold key.

I’d need much more specificity to identify and fix an error like this. What quest?

Its been in a few quest whenever i get a key drop. I think it may just be an image mix up in the data base. If i come across it again today ill be sure to note the quest! @Mr.Strange

Whitehelm second to last quest.