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Glory not received from gold chest

I’ve recently opened several gold chests since I’m severely lacking ascended troops and I noticed I’m not getting the proper glory from opening them. Is this a known issue?

If I get one that says 80 glory. and another in same bundle of keys used(50pack) that says 40 glory I will only get 80glory and not 120glory.
Happens with glory keys as well and has been happening since April 1st.

We believe the problem is that the big report of everything you open is displaying incorrect information sometimes - double-counting certain drops. The actual rewards appear to be correct.

This is worst when people open many chests, and see multiple copies of a card they actually only got one of…

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I thought that was the case because I noticed that with troops, but with the glory I did get, “robbed” out of about 60 glory from one 50 key draw. Not TOO worried about it, just wanted to make sure devs were aware of it.

@Mr.Strange I’m definitely getting robbed out of glory when opening multiple chests, like the 50 gold key ones. I know the summary display is wrong, but I checked glory before and after opening the 50 chests. I got three glory awards out of 50, one a whopping 60 :sob: The summary screen only showed 20, and I only actually got 20 glory. So I was robbed out of 80 glory from just that one 50 chest set.

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Yeah, I lost out on probably 600-700 glory, it’s a pAin but now I’ll only open keys in sets of 10

I thought this at first as well but I don’t think you actually lose out on any Glory.

Glory from Gold Key chests caps out at 20 based on my experience. If, in opening 50 chests, you get Glory three (3) times, the first time Glory pops it will report 60 (3 x 20).

As in, it’s adding up the Glory rewards the very first time you get Glory out of multiple chests.


I am not one to shy away from reporting bugs that are unfair, However

I noticed the same thing as FoldinBoxes, the first glory you open in a string of keys shows your total for that set of keys. Its a different (additional) display bug than the one Mr. Strange mentioned in his post about the summary screen.

You received the “correct” amount, the notifications are misleading though, both of these display bugs should be fixed to avoid frustration.

Unfortunately the problem was the reported 60 glory. You can’t get more than 20 glory from a chest - so the it was the report of 60 that was the error - not the (correct) grant of 20 glory.

But I only got 20 glory from 3 chests that awarded glory from the 50 I opened. So I’m still down 40 glory from that one opening :frowning:

Oh I think I get it now. When opening 50 chests the first glory you see is actually all the glory you got from opening 50 chests. That explains the 5k gold I sometimes get for 50 chests, that’s all the gold.