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Incorrect "Gold" rewards from keys used on "Gold Chest"

Today I noticed after using many “gold chest” keys that when I received gold as a reward from the chest, it was not being added to my bank. I thought it would add it after I opened the 50 option. No luck there either. Anyone else notice this problem? I submitted a support ticket to 505 Games. Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP. Be aware. A simple calculator is all you need to verify. If I am missing something, that I was not aware of, someone please inform me. Thanks

This has been discussed at great length on many other threads. It is a display bug, you received the “correct” amount. When opening multiple chests the total amount revived is added to the first gold amount found, this makes it seem as if you are missing gold rewards. Lets say you receive (3) 20 Gold rewards the game will display 60, 20, 20.

I don’t know if this will or will not be fixed in the upcoming patch.

I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing. So if the chest I opened says I was rewarded 2k gold and I had in my bank 10k, after that fact I should end up with 12k, right? This was not happening. After opening 50 chest and seeing that I was awarded 5k total, this amount was not added to my bank. At all. Only small amounts were added only after I had finished opening chest and began to open another 50. Is this what you are referring too?

If you are not receiving gold listed to your total when opening one, single, solitary, individual chest all by itself (top option) there is a problem, and you should contact support.

If you are using the middle or bottom option then…

I am taking about multiple chest openings. You can NOT add up the numbers because they always display incorrectly if the rewards has multiple gold chests, so does troop count when you receive multiples as well.

Lets assume 20 is the max gold for 1 key (I don’t know what it is) but hypothetically if you open 50 chest you might see numbers like 85, 20, 15, 20, 10. In this case you should NOT revive 150 Gold.

In short: you are receiving the correct amount. Until this is fixed it will cause much contusion.

I think I better understand your first post. I will do one key at a time and see what the rewards are and if it post to my bank. Thanks

The totals you see when opening multiple chests is bugged, but you really are getting what you are supposed to. If you see one reward for 60 glory, in reality you got only two 20 glory rewards. If you see 100 glory, you really only got three 20 glory rewards.