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Anyone else notice that when opening chests...what it SAYS you receive never adds up?

90% of the time when opening a bulk amount of chests I am ALWAYS shorted on what it says I actually received…typically with the total tally of gold and glory but I’ve seen other complaints on here that people are missing characters too.
If you haven’t noticed…start paying attention. It’s always off by a significant amount (NEVER in your favor) and when I filed a complaint regarding this issue with developers, I received a bogus explanation brushing off when it occurs during opening multiple VIP chests.
Don’t believe me??? Open 10 VIP chests…it SAYS you received 38,000 gold…but I can guarantee you didn’t).
Just opened 200 gold chests…says I received almost $8K in gold and less than $4K was added to my overall total.

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Thats because the gold gem and stones you are getting are spread across more drops then you think.

Can you elaborate?

If you’re a console player, its a display error. Yeah it sucks, hope they fix it asap. What the chests actually give you (not displayed) should be accurate.

If you don’t believe me, feel free to open 200 Event keys. You’re not getting 288 Gluttonys for your effort.

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When you look through your spoils at the end…you might have 2300 gold and 5 gems…you might think this is 2 drops…but in reality…the gems could be 5 seperate keys giving 1 gem each and the gold could be another 2…so you are adding the troops and rewards and thinking its not a right amt…when in reality it is

How about some screenshots to ‘prove’ that this basic part of the game is somehow not working after nearly four years?

@TheIdleOne is correct, this is a display issue on console.


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