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PS4: Server Slow / Game Crashing on 10 Glory Chest Openings (10/21)


Per my title, I’m having trouble with the PS4 Gems of War servers (Friday Evening EST, October 21). Upon game start, it takes a considerable amount of time to load which by itself is not a big deal, but twice now I’ve attempted to open 10 Glory chests and the game has crashed immediately after hitting the button both times.

This is frustrating because my keys are now gone and I don’t know whether the client has afford me everything I should have gotten with 20 glory keys. I see a few new troops in my collection but no new gold or souls which has me feeling pretty skeptical and bummed out, plus I did not get to experience acquiring these troops, I had to dig through my collection and try to decipher what I got.

I know there have been targeted attacks against PSN today, but if the Gems of War servers are affected it seems the devs should alert the community and caution against opening chests.



By the way, love the game. Was an obsessive Puzzle Quest player and glad I found it. Do not mean to register just to complain. :slight_smile:

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Has your PS4 been running slow/rather unresponsive the past few hours out of interest?

If you file a ticket with support, they will probably give you your 20 glory keys. I’ve always found them extremely helpful when I have run into a problem like that.

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I believe that all player data is actually stored on the GoW server, so if your keys are gone you got the loot.

Game was running slow today, especially casting spells and waiting for the victory screen.