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Daily vip rewards & other

On xbox one console

I collected my daily vip reward email of 1000 coins and 2 vip keys. Went to use the keys, and they aren’t there.

I’m also pretty sure last night that around $20k in gold just disappeared off my total gold.

VIP rewards do not give VIP keys, so you won’t see any there. Depending on your VIP level, your keys were Glory and/or Gem.

My vip level is 5. I’ve been receiving a daily vip rewards email giving me gold and 2 vip keys. Yesterday, and now today, I’ve opened the emails, it shows my rewards received, but when I go to the chests, the keys aren’t there. Is there someone from this xbox support forum who can provide assistance?

The keys you’re referring to are called glory keys.

Yep you’re correct. My mistake. Thx for the info. Feel like a dodo now. :blush: