Did not recieved my vip chests xbox one

Hello i buyed 2100 gems and want to open 50 vip chests with the gems that i got, and i recieved a error code not enough vip chests availble and gems are gone where can i report that for recieving my chests ?

You can report issues here:

Console is also supported by 505Games, and you can submit a ticket to them here:

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thank you

Today i sign in, my Guildmembers have completed the Blue Task lvl 8 and i got no Gems! The funny thing is, The Post is telling me I have completed the Blue Task :slight_smile: but i did not, I just contribute.

There is a display bug going around that attributes all task completion to the person opening the mail. (so all tasks will show you as completing them). If you didn’t get any gems then you should submit a ticket to support.

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I did so and send them a Ticket, but after 4 or 5 h i have got the 70 Gems via ingame Post. I’m not sure if the support has fixed this or if waiting a few hours was the key.