How to get VIP & Event Keys

Key Confusion???

Is the only way to get VIP keys is to buy them in a bundle or reward? I am a level 7 VIP and have never received one thru normal game play.

It seems event keys are rarely awarded thru game play , is that correct?

I’m on PC but if they work the same way event keys are given when you purchase the high price pack. But both event and VIP keys can be purchased with gems. I have not seen them given out like gold, glory and gem keys.

Thanks. I do not think we can purchase these keys with gems on the console version. Maybe we can get that in the next release.!! Appreciate the input. :relaxed:

VIP keys are only purchased with gems.

Only people with VIP level 5 or higher may purchase VIP keys.

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I’ve spent approximately $35 (one $25 and two $5 purchases) and just reached VIP level three. Is there any way to find out how much more it’d take to reach VIP level five?

@lcd, I need help constructing a VIP Rewards guide - #25 by Zelfore

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Thanks for the response. I am VIP Level 7 and have never see an option in the shop to buy VIP Keys with gems. I see them included in bundles for real cash. Is there somewhere else I should look? I am on the PS4.

Thanks again.

I don’t play on console, but on PC/mobile the gem/event/VIP chests are directly openable with gems if you don’t have keys from bundles or other sources.

Thanks. I have seen that option. I was thinking there was a way to buy keys individually.

I appreciate the reminder of that option.

As @Lyya correctly pointed out, VIP keys may be bought from the chests menu. You may buy them individually, or in groups, just like other key types.

Thanks to everyone for the info.

Good luck in the game!!

on Ps4 its in chests menu should be unlocked then purchase with gems or buy typhoon of keys pack at 99 usd from store wallet or