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May be to devs, cry for all others

I am Vip 14. Every day 2 gem keys. I do not use gem keys for 2 months. Today I see 2 gem keys in my chests. Do you have a conscience? (xbox1). I do not want to submit a ticket… Everyone must do his job. Including 505.

I have no idea how it works because I am not a VIP, but don’t you have to log everyday to get the keys?

Thanx, I"m enterring every day. I’ve invested ~1k$ in the game… May be I’m a fool.

May I ask you, why you do not want to submit a ticket?

Nah I am not saying you are a fool and if I were in yours shoes I wouldn’t be happy too.

I am sorry.

So you log in every day - do you collect the rewards from your mail each day after logging in? The rewards go to your mail and you have to manually collect them before they expire. I assume you do but just asking to cover bases.

This is a difficult question. First, I’m an old man. This game - it helps me

The reward sent to you by mail expires after 7 days. So if you log but don’t check your mail every day, you will loose some keys unfortunately:s

Thanx, Max. From May 2017 every day I’m checking my mail… I’m not a noob, my level is 1075.

does not accept it…

It’s 5 pm sunday aussie time when you last posted. I’m sure Monday they’ll see this and help.

Make sure you posted your invite code and xbox gamer tag so they can find your account.

You need to choose"missing rewards" as the ticket topic and not “bug report”. The Devs will be at work in a couple hours from now.

Thanx, UK! I’ ve posted my invite code and xbox gamer tag. I’m not a newbie:open_mouth:

Thanx, Max! I have done what you tell. I am very touched by the reaction of the community to my simple message.


You are welcome. I am glad I was able to help you a little.

I must apologize for my communication. I received a response from the support team. I’m an old and sick man. Obviously, I just forgot that I used 219 keys. I’m very uncomfortable that I cast a shadow on the 505 team …

Oh that’s rather funny 200 keys loll.

It can happen don’t worry.

Thank you, Maxtor. I like this game. I’m playing for a year. (Lvl 1074). For a month I was playing in brackets 1-2 (GW) (without raid boss and invasion), but it becomes boring, so I’ve joined a casual guild. May be some time I can get Dawnbringer…

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