No support till when for consoles?

505 support no longer dealing with guild count issues, and sending players to developers who don’t deal with consoles.

when will this be dealt with?

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I’m not sure what you mean about developers who don’t deal with consoles. Development was moved in-house and they are working here to sync up the patch levels.

Also, then look in the top right of the screen if you need to submit a ticket to support. It will allow you to chose your console.

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well what I mean is that the developers do nothing with the tickets.

or to put it another way they receive the requests and then they ignore them …and when the apologists move on to just wait a little while… i mean for weeks.

yes the tickets are ignored for weeks…

so when will the issue be dealt with by someone?

and weeks does not refer to event weeks but calendar weeks… for clarity.

from my experience it takes them 2-4 days to reply/fix a support ticket issue

definatelly not weeks…
i actually sent one last friday and it got resolved in monday :slight_smile: (however mine was regarding windows, but dealt with the same devs you suppose to send request to)

maybe yours got lost somehow by accident?


how do tickets - plural - just get lost?

tickets going back weeks?

clearly not dealing with consoles in the same manner and everyone knows it.

i think they have/had a new developer for a while now, maybe they got them lost, how do i know!

when did you send a ticket?
maybe give some data regarding this ticket like your invite code or dunno username sent the ticket from, and when you sent the ticket
maybe devs can look for that missing ticket for you

why did you change tickets plural to ticket?

whats that new word for changing the facts - representation or something?

look, there is a developer (Nimhain) right now who is/was trying to communicate with you and clearly wishing to deal with your ticket but instead of helping her to find it you just complain.

give them the info asked via a pm message in forum and see what happens?

but there is no link there for clarity…

edit and still you change tickets to ticket - anyone would think you have an agenda…

I filed a ticket with 505 support on Sunday for missing troops when using gem keys. They followed up with me Monday. I responded Monday evening. Came home today and the issue was resolved. Both times I’ve had issues, they’ve been resolved in a few days. Yes, it was inconvenient to have to submit a ticket to get the items I purchased and it has prevented me from making additional purchases on my ps4 account.


Hey @morose, I understand your frustration at feeling like you’re being ignored and sympathize. Maybe the issues you’re opening tickets about aren’t the same priority as the ones most of the other people here are talking about (besides which system I mean). Can you give us some examples of the types of issues you’ve opened tickets for that have been ignored?

that’s what used to happen.

this is what is happening now

'Thanks for reaching out to us at 505 Games Customer Support! I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue. We are seeing some server problems with Guilds, but unfortunately we are awaiting fixes on the server end for most of these. In the meantime, you can reach out to the Gems dev support team directly:

They are better equipped at handling these requests than we are, ultimately.

505 Games Customer Support’

pass the pony

We can’t recruit because of this glitch. I am sure that at some point out well be fixed. Just have to be patient.

Identical situation and mine was actually on console. Contacted about an issue late on Friday and got a response on Monday. As a fellow console user I haven’t had problems with 505 Support at all but I sympathize with frustrating issues.

@Morose, I’ve managed to find your tickets, one from yesterday relating to Guild “Ghosts” (I’ve let our support team know about this one) and the other one from a few weeks ago which was feedback on the game, but contained no actual account issue that needed to be fixed, or question that needed to be answered.

Now while we do try to respond to player feedback when we receive it, support requests from players who are having trouble with the game, must be answered first. Unfortunately that means your feedback got pushed to the bottom of the priority list, given the recent server issues we’ve had for the last couple of weeks, and the fact that our crew are catching up after the holiday period.

In short, we’ll respond to the feedback once we’ve addressed all the current players’ issues/problems, and we’ll be working on your other request (which we received yesterday) shortly.


I note the reasons given for no response whatsoever for some weeks from the developers about any of the issues raised including the roster bug - you read it in the title from the 4th january.

I also note no mention of the fact that players are still being directed to 505 support who now state they will not fix incorrect guild counts any longer, when obviously you have been ignoring them for some weeks.

I have heard from your cough cough support now about something but no action was taken and the incorrect guild count remains uncorrected.

Presumably when you have addressed all the other current players’ issues/problems, you’ll work on my request, after another event week or 2 has passed.

Shoot the messenger but this is all fact heh?
You cannot supply a quality product when you ignore customer feedback, and you cannot expect respect when you show none.

Hi Morose,

Nimhain just reviewed your ticket, and one of our support team did actually make a mistake in your second ticket, treating it as simply a server issue and sending compensation, rather than also realizing that you had a guild ghost issue that needed fixed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by misreading the ticket. We’ve now fixed that issue as well.

Regarding your query about 505 support… they are still doing a lot of heavy-lifting on console support, but server issues are something only WE can handle here, so they’re correct to forward that one on to the development team.


I’d also like to say a word of thanks to our excellent support team, Nimhain & her crew Vexx and Lila… they have worked through an incredible number of tickets in the last 7 days mostly revolving around the server migration. They have worked long hours and a few mistakes are inevitable (we’re only human after all), but I’m very sorry one of the mistakes inconvenienced you. Not making excuses or anything, just pointing out how these things occur.


^ And this is why our devs are great.

I have never seen any other devs respond like gems of wars does. Or give any compensation. Or fix things so quickly. I wish all games were like this one.

Most devs don’t interact with customers. They have their several walls of support to do it for them.


Nothing like being antagonistic about needing help.


Who is being antagonistic??