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PvP event running late?

@Mr.Strange @Nex

Just wondering. At 10a Central Time, the daily bonuses kicked in as per usual. But the news still referred to Stormheim. In the store however Green Slime was there as expected.

More so though, the PvP event for the week said it still had 3 hours to go (so it would reset at 1p). Just a glitch for the week or something new for here on out? (And when I did go to PvP it still showed me as tier 1 and the reset hadn’t kicked in like it normally would.)

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I have the same problem.


That should now be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, the timer has reset to 7 days, but the pvp tier has not reset, and no rewards still.

Same here. It has reset, but I’m still in the #1 position.

I also have the same problem of the time being reset but the pop ranking has not. I also did a revenge in pvp where I was sitting at 44 of 60 and won a match to give me 45 of 60 with no gold bonus after completing this…

Didnt get any rewards either

Ugh! Sorry about all of this!

I just sent a message to the devs to take a look at this ASAP.


Okay, it should be fixed now. Because of the way we fixed the problem, some people may receive two daily rewards, but otherwise things should be back to normal.

Thanks for your patience.

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