PvP Bug Missing Rewards! (Resolved)

I know its a Bug but I am PvP Rank 3 and i missed my PvP Rewards

Same here, last weeks stats haven’t been cleared.

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It’s the same with some other people.

Same for me (PC/Mobile).
Played up to PVP 1, yet no rewards for any tier.

Hey All

Can you confirm if either:

  1. your stats did not reset and you didn’t get the PVP Tier rewards for last week?

  2. Or if your stats reset correctly over the week - including the Weekly Collection Event, you fought battles normally and earned Tier 1 again, but you did not get rewards?

I Started Today 8:05 PvP and then Game Crashed.(PS4)
Then the Statistics remained and then no more Rewards for each PvP Tier.

What do you mean exactly when you say “crashed”? Did you notice that your PVP tiers decreased after battles, i.e going back down to 1, or did it just not change at all since Reset?

application error but i dont know whether it was due.

My stats didn’t reset, I didn’t receive the reward for last weeks finishing position, or the reward for each Tier climbed after this weeks reset. The game started/played as normal apart from that.

Thanks all. We’re still looking into this, apologies for the delay.

What did the error say exactly?

this was a normal application error from ps4 but luckily I got the reward later

Yes, I sent those as per your ticket :wink: we’ll follow up there. Thanks for your help, if you could screenshot/photo the error code next time that would be awesome.

This hasn’t been resolved for me, I can wait though, I’m still waiting for the blue/black map home screen fixing that I reported last year

@Porky_Pieman Submit a ticket! https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000013595

@Porky_Pieman did you submit a ticket? I noticed a few and I’m not sure if it’s yours.