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Daily Reward Glitch (not receiving)

For the past 3 days (since I updated to the version with the Christmas music (which I love by the way)) I have logged on to GoW and did not receive my daily log in bonuses (as by the extension my daily seals as well which dispite logging in show I have 0 seal contributed and stored up (I should at least have 1 daily seal uncollected but I do not).
Apparently the newest update of the app (with the rocking Christmas music) I downloaded at least 3 days after it was available but during that time I also successfully racked in my daily seals and other rewards (pvp glory and VIP glory/gem keys for example (which I also haven’t gotten since the update)) I was also able to grind to tier 1 on Friday using the old version as I hadn’t updated it yet.

I just looked up that I updated the app on Saturday the 17th, the reason behind this is that my iPhone is experiencing a “update glitch” where the App Store doesn’t let me know that an app is ready to be updated unless I go in (which isn’t often) so I’m wondering if it was my unknowingly playing on an outdated app version that led to me not getting my login bonuses for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday,

Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a known issue?

Can @Nimhain and @Sirrian let me know what steps I should take

I would contact support about this.

There were technically two patches in the last week. 2.2 on Wednesday (14th), and the Christmas stuff this past Monday.

EDIT: Annnnd ninja’d by Nimhain :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks it’s 10min to 2am here so I’ll do tha in the morning,
Thanks for the prompt reply @Nimhain and @Ozball,

I checked my update history and I updated the app on the 17th and it was the only time I updated the app this month

Also, found yoy have to click on pvp to trigger it.

Thanks @kzintiwife, that fixes the problem, I didn’t notice as I grind tiers on Saturdays, since I didn’t know, I’ll put in a ticket for the sat-sun-mon rewards I missed and I should be fine now, thanks